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    The case occurred on September 15 approximately 16 pm and was reported by Rui Silva, resident of Videira, city of Santa Catarina - Brazil

    He said he was going to Campos Novos, a neighboring city, to do some services and halfway there was something in the sky, according to Rui, the object looked like a balloon, and it resembled the tic-tac format, was very tall, and reflected the sunlight, he observed that the object simply plummeted very quickly to the ground, but it did not fall, simply stood still and static a few meters from the ground, after which he pulled over the car and began to record the object.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEMHxuGr4OA

    Google Maps

    Minute 03:52

    Minute 05:07 Zoom

    He tried to get closer to the place, but was afraid of putting his son's life at risk and decided to return days later.

    In the video below shows him returning to the site, at 00:20 seconds you can see that the object was no longer there.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VRUPjDMn0Y

    At 01:41 he says it can't be power line transmission because there are none around.
    Image illustrating the ball on the transmission line.

    At 2:06 it is also possible to see that there is no building nearby

    After 07:00 minutes he goes from where he is (1) to a street (2) that would give near the object, but nothing is found.


    I'm trying to get the original video with Rui, if I can, I'll post here.
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    Just Another Balloon.

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    It's a shame he didn't go it on the day and discover it was a balloon. But then I suppose when people do that, having gotten all excited about it, they don't post their videos online. Or, if they do, videos like that don't attract much attention.
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    He's driving in that direction, I don't see how they couldn't have gotten closer unless he blew off his work?. They just filmed for 5 minutes for no reason, but the film ends right after he gets back in the car?
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    Yes. This case feels questionable.
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    He said he tried to go there, but the only road was privately owned, you can see in the picture below. And as he was with his son, he decided not to risk it, and came back just the other day

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    but sc-135 is closer to the object (maybe.. we don't know size of object so don't know the actual distance) at point 2 then point 1. and he is driving along sc-135 from 1 to 2 anyway. He filmed nothing for 5 minutes but then didn't continue to film as he drove further down sc-135 toward a UFO? I find that odd.
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    From looking at Google Maps point 2 is not actually the entrance to that road, that area is fenced off. You need to continue down the road to find the entrance. It appears to be a soybean farm from the Monsoy company.


    The entry further down the road does not appear to have any specific 'keep out' signage, but I'd still consider it to be obviously not meant for the public - I certainly wouldn't be comfortable turning onto that dirt road if I were just driving along. That being said, if I thought there was a UFO over there I'd certainly drive down it to see if I could get closer.