Trayvon Hoax

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  1. JRBids

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    OK you knew this was coming.

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  2. JRBids

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    Ed Chiarini of course is also "all over this".
  3. Soulfly

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    Was that really the whole post? I can't read it all, make hurt brain!
    This is just... what?
  4. JRBids

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    Yes, it is in the tl:dr category, but you don't have to read it to get the drift. :)
  5. Pete Tar

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    That is super-special.
    Like back-away-slowly-from special.
    A whole new level of achievement.

    Interested to see if a discussion evolves from it or if people are just too stunned by its immensity to say anything.
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  6. Josh Heuer

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    Whoa, I'd like to see some evidence of this being true. Definitely never going to happen.
  7. AluminumTheory

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  8. eline65

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    Can I get a facepalm please!

    at least 12 FB pages, and yet they are being silenced.... o_O
  9. Alchemist

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    LOL wtf did i just read
  10. Rafterman

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    It's hits so much of the conspiracists checklist (was HAARP mentioned?) that it almost seems like satire.
  11. O_O

    O_O Member

    I enjoyed reading this. Shucks, the naughty men are even up to no good "IN THE SPIRIT WORLD." That post covered a lot of ground, but if you truly want to know what's up, you'd do well to peep this tomato:
  12. dankeekang

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    I read the medical examiner's report:

    Dr. Bao identifies Trayvon by name and obviously concludes he was killed by a bullet. The sheets on which he is "Unidentified" are obviously from the scene/night-of-shooting. They're dated correctly, too. (The exam is dated the morning after the shooting. The report is signed two weeks later. What does that even imply?) I love the way there's not-so-subtle racism in there: "Why Is The Medical Examiners Report Signed By A Chinese Doctor Named SHIPING BAO, SIGNED TWELVE DAYS AFTER THE BURIAL???" As if Dr. Bao were some shadowy Chinese doctor who cannot be located(he testified very publicly).
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  13. Brainiachick

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    As a Legal/Judicial Strategist, I purposely stayed away from the Trayvon case because I knew where it was headed way before the final trial. But I've heard all kinds of rationalisation - some sensible and some downright offensive or annoying - but what I've never heard of or even thought about is this fantastical angle!

    What a whole load of bollocks! It shocks me that someone actually took the time to put this utter nonsense together and is circulating it. Freemasons are real, but they are not responsible for this for God's sake!

    Well, I've been away from here due to my murderous real life schedule that threatened to become unmanageable, but I've completed some of the projects I had and managed to meet the deadlines so I'm back to some degree.

    I missed you all and all the brilliant, intelligent. and animated discussions on here.
  14. Edgukator

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    Can I just add to this, as another hoax that has sprung up during this is the story that the watermelon juice and skittles were used to create a drug called "Lean" or "Purple Drank"...

    Everyone seems to be pointing to this post in a site called conservative treehouse as their evidence.

    I had to claw through the rubbish, but that site seemed to link to 2 sites as its evidence.

    The Urban Dictionary definition is important because not once does it mention the two ingredients Trayvon Martin had on him (Watermelon juice and skittles) in making the drug, and he didn't have the active ingredient (cough syrup - as codene is the actual drug in this equation).

    They then claim that it is made with watermelon juice, as evidenced by this discussion on which they claim shows that watermelon juice is used instead of sprite. It doesn't. It's a discussion of watermelon juice in which someone brings up, off-topic, that they drink purple drank.

    Before I confine this to the dustbin of bad memes designed to make a political point, does anyone have any further information about this drink?
  15. Josh Heuer

    Josh Heuer Active Member

    Purple drank is really a mixture of codeine and whatever else you want. Usually it's mixed with clear liquids like Sprite because it goes together well and makes a sort of purple color. But the real main ingredient is the cough syrup. Has to be codeine or you're 'not leaning'
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  16. Edgukator

    Edgukator Member

    So in other words, it doesn't matter what he had in his pockets - it could have been jawbreakers and mountain dew, nerds and fanta, life savers and crystal pepsi - the same accusation would have been made and it wouldn't matter because the one thing he didn't have is the one active ingredient.
  17. Edgukator

    Edgukator Member

    Sorry to be the guy that double posts, but out of this we get an accusation that Barrack Obama was using the Trayvon Martin case to stir up racial resentment.

    Their main evidence is that the Community Relations Service sent a representative to Tampa "to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies" - ignoring that their job requires them to do that anyway in order to CALM any potential violence that may arise during demonstrations.
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  18. Brainiachick

    Brainiachick Active Member

    If the Community Relations Service weren't there, and then a situation similar to that of the London riots following the shooting of Mark Duggan may ensue; then of course they would cook up some other stories that Obama didn't care enough, hence their belief it is a hoax etc etc - anything to suit their agenda - plain and simple! Generally speaking, whilst some hypotheses are plausible, some others are so out of whack that they are clearly handiworks of people with too much time on their hands, over-active imagination, and sometimes with a touch of mischief etc and sadly, these can't be helped! Some just simply take it to the extreme and think it is cool.
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  19. Gary Cook

    Gary Cook Active Member

    I dont know if this "conspiracy theory" is true or not but I dont think we should pretend to be able to guess what other people are capable of and what their motives are. Taking over the world seems to be excuse enough for violence and propaganda but of course there is paranoia about every event too.
  20. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    Do you ever provide proof of your assertions?
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  21. Soulfly

    Soulfly Banned Banned

    Who is trying to take over the world with a Trayvon CT?

    Al Sharpton maybe? :)
  22. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Are you saying you think that there's a 1% chance that that wild rant is factually accurate?
    Say it ain't so, Gary.

    --signed, Totally Innocent 33rd Degree Freemason (I know, I know…it would look more impressive if I used all caps…)
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  23. Gary Cook

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    I am not going to comment on this thread as it will go weird again. I posted the comment above before the last warning I got.