Youtube claims that tree disease is from Chemtrails


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Youtuber claims that tree disease is from Chemtrails/Fukushima/Radioactive Chemtrails

He says Fukashima radiation and Chemtrails are killing the trees. What is really occurring is that the maples he is filming are being stressed by "Tar Spot" disease and displaying fall color. Tar Spot is a fungal disease that appears almost every year but varies in intensity from year to year. I guess our youtuber has only just noticed it since becoming 'awake' but this disease predates Fukushima.,-but-not-harmful/1

Here's a story from 2008. I fail to see how he was not aware of this phenomenon if he is so awake and informed.

Westmount's infected trees

The west end's diseased trees are casting a shadow on the neighbourhood.

by Angelina Chapin

Westmount looks like the perfect place to live. Kids frolic in the field behind St. Agnes School and neighbours greet each other by name. The neighbourhood has a unique design---front yards are the size of backyards---so people see more of each other. There's just one problem and it's keeping Lois Beaton up at night: "They're all dried up," she says of the black-spotted leaves that litter her street. "I hear them rustling in the night. They sound like bones."
The Norwegian maple trees planted in Westmount are infected with a fungus. In district 14, the west end, infected trees are outside each house, shedding shrivelled up brown leaves. Pinhead-sized black spots appear in late May and spread to about one-and-a-half inches by late June. In July, they cause leaves to dry up and fall and by August or September, many of the maple branches are bare.