YouTube: Calling all WHISTLE BLOWERS!

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YouTuber jamnoise72 blames respiratory ailments on chemtrails and supports her claim with the usual poor reasoning and suspect allegations. Nothing new. What she says at 3:50 is almost beyond words. I was floored.

I'm really pissed off. I, myself, am waking up in the morning not being able to breath. OK, I know I smoke but I'm a healthy person... I'm having to use Ventolin myself quite a lot now and it's starting to really piss me off not being able to breath properly...

She couldn't even make a five minute video without having a cigarette yet she blames her illness on chemtrails.
Check out her responses to a couple of comments which are "no longer available", meaning she deleted them. Incredible.

Me smokin a fag in my own home, is nothing compared to having chemicals dumped on me from above.

First of all, she is not my daughter, do you know what niece means?? Secondly I CHOOSE to smoke, I do not choose to have chemicals added to the air that I breath. We are all having this shit sprayed on us. You have missed the point , that is sad. Do you see any children around me, what I do in my own home is my choice. I am very fit even though I smoke, I bet I could out run you any day...LOL.

Yeah, right. She'd be huffin and puffin before she could finish a quarter mile. As far as children with respiratory problems...ummmm, winter and early spring are pretty much the season for respiratory infections, especially among children who may be exposed to second hand smoke. She claims they're getting "totally slammed with chemtrails" in south England and sometimes in the morning there's a really low fog or mist. Helloooh. And she wonders why people are suffering from respiratory problems. Crikey, the ambulance driver is a chemtrail believer too and sees a correlation. Hey ya'll, the correlation between chemtrails and respiratory problems is abundant moisture in the air. Besides, driving the ambulance does not make you a doctor. Pollution could be a factor as well depending on where they live, like London for example.

In pollution hotspots such as London, air particles could be cutting vulnerable people's lives short by nine years

Not to mention there are other factors in the local environment that cause respiratory issues, like dust, molds and inadequate ventilation.

Here's another interesting bit of information regarding black folks, smoking and increased risk of lung disease.

Smoking among African Americans is a serious problem as this population suffers disproportionately from deadly and preventable diseases associated with smoking. Compared to white Americans, African Americans are at increased risk for lung cancer even though they smoke about the same amount

I'm sure the same applies to the UK.

My advice to her would be to quit smoking and move to the country.
Wow, the sheer stupidity is mind boggling. While that may sound hard, thats the reality of it. She smokes, lives in a congested urban area, yet thinks that any air pollution she ingests, is from airplanes.
It's almost as if smoking and pollution are somehow "natural" (because they are ordinary thing people are used to), but "chemicals" are automatically unnatural strange evil things. Contrails are also unnatural, as when you look into the science it's a little complicated.
Well it is what she is comfortable with and used to. Cigarette smoke does not alarm her, nor does pollution from cars and other ground point sources. But the idea of aircraft pollution and chemtrails, drifting down, is far more nefarious. Even more so than her putting chemicals and particles directly into her lungs!
Reminds me of a Christian lady I know. She claims not to believe in the supernatural, and yet firmly believes in miracles, a god listening to her prayers, and angels and saints watching out for her.

"supernatural" is a subjective term, as, apparently is "chemicals"
She blames her case of shingles on "chemtrails".

Soooo...What is Shingles?

Chickenpox, that itchy, spotty rash, is a rite of passage for many children. While you can’t contract chickenpox again, it’s possible you may develop a case of shingles, a painful rash caused by the same virus.
Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk of developing shingles later in life. Once you have had chickenpox, the varicella virus remains dormant in your body's nerve cells. Although the virus is in your body, your immune system usually keeps the virus inactive, and it will not cause any symptoms.
The virus can sometimes become reactivated, however, especially in those whose immune systems have been weakened. In the presence of a weak immune system, the varicella virus can escape from the nerve cells, reactivate, and lead to a shingles outbreak on the skin.
Those at higher risk are people who:

  • Are 50 and older
  • Have HIV infection or AIDS
  • Have cancer
  • Have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • Have had organ transplants
  • Are taking certain medications, like corticosteroids
  • Are under increased stress

Ya think those who constantly worry, film, photograph and make videos about chemtrails might be stressing themselves out a bit?

She must have had chickenpox at some point in her life 'cause that's the ONLY way one can develop shingles, AFAIK.

Makes me wonder if that varicella zoster virus has anything to do with the "morgellons" myth?
It's really interesting. She must blame chemtrails for her illness knowing that cigarettes are poison. I think she's demonstrating cognitive dissonance and resolves the conflict by claiming her exercise regimen counteracts the effects of the cigarette poisons therefore her illness is due to chemtrails.

She seems to think that walking exercises negate the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke laced with Ammonia, Hydrogen Cyanide, Acetone and thousands of other compounds. One wonders why those same exercises don't protect her from the relatively inert chemtrail compounds like Aluminum Oxide, which is found everywhere nature and also in woo-woo detoxifying products on the Internet.