Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook

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Thanks for the feedback Schneider.
Come back when you actually have a real point to discuss and not just amateur psychological analysis.


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Funny how when certain "sensitive" questions come up involving situations like sandy hook or 911 or Boston bombing the thread is quickly dominated by "senior member" its so obvious this site is just out there to cloud the truth from being found im sure if mick or the lizard pix person were around for any of the many false fags of the past they would havd been carrying the water for the PTB. have you ever scene footage from the mass killing at the school in russia; absolutely heartbreaking. that is how a real ordeal like that would go down not in any way like sandy hook: to sanitized, controlled, neat and clean. What happenned to common sense? Im a parent and know many many parents. Obviously everyone is different and deals with extraordinary situations differently. But come on people; why did every single Hook parent act like they were right out of a bad sci-fi movie like the stepford wives. Reason & logic & historical precedent absolutely point to us, the public, not getting the full story. The admins on this site are too niave to be running it. If the truth isnt sitting on their coach; they go dumb and buy the PTB line of BS. sad really the only topics you can rely on getting revealled is maybe some concrete natural phenomenon. But when it comes to exposing the dirty little secrets of the elite in this world; look elsewhere. Im not bright enough to know but its only 3 possibilities: they are on the payroll of the PTB, terrified of the PTB, or naive newbs. Come on metabunk stiffen up that spine and start admitting that there are some real problems with the way the Hook case was and is being handled. I leave you with 2 points: 1. if I had gotten word of a incident at my childs school you would need atleast 3-4 officers holding down from going into that school. 2. No one would tell me that I will not be seeing by own child again; regardless of the damage their little fragile body had sustained

These are wonderful sentiments but until it actually happens you have no idea how you would react or what you would do or be allowed to do. You only know what you think you would do. Your incident with your coworkers may have been disturbing but it's not comparable.

As for your comparisons with the Russian incident the two events did not play out the same way and you ignore cultural differences in response to grief. I would also like to point out that many of the people that believe Sandy Hook was a false flag incident have the same opinion of the Russian incident.

This is hurried because thread is closing so it's not as fleshed out as I would like.
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