Who's bunk here? FOX News Reporters or Monsanto?

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The point is to avoid Monsanto ;)

That's not how I understand events. The court didn't rule that it is legal to lie on the news. The court ruled that the rebellious reporter did not qualify for wistleblower status because she was not forced to break any rules. Specifically, to report something that she considered to be untruthful, because there is no rule or law that requires news reports to be truthful (short of libel, of course).

Also, I don't think this court ruling concludes that Fox was presenting false information about Monsanto.

Holy crap, did I just side with Fox News???
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Unless you live in a forest somewhere you are getting more environmental exposure to herbicide and pesticide than dietary exposure. If you live near farms or in the suburbs with great green lawns then you are getting a lot of environmental exposure.

Oh, and why the myopic obsession with Monsanto? What about Dupont, Archer Daniels Midland, Allied Signal, Merck, Conagra?

Hell, what's that picture even depict being sprayed?
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