White paper on "Contrails/cirrus optics and radiation"


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Aviation-Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) - Subject specific white paper (SSWP) on Contrails/cirrus optics and radiation by:

Dr. Ping Yang, PI
Dr. Andrew Dessler, Co-PI
Dr. Gang Hong, Team member

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843

I was discussing with a believer on twitter yesterday, and I was looking for something that could tell me something about how low- or high-pressure weather systems effected the consistency of contrails. I found the above mentioned white paper on contrails, which i found quite useful. I have not read it all, but I think a lot of you might be able to use this for something. I could without a doubt use the following paragraph:

The paper discuss how contrails and contrail-induced cirrus clouds are impacting the environment.

I did a few searches, did not seem like this paper has been posted before. If it has, my apologies.


Add up to your reference the sections of IPCC reports concerning Aircraft Induced Cloudiness which I mentioned on another thread in this forum:

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