What time are Newtown schools in session?


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James Tracy asks

What Time Are Newtown Schools in Session?
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all Bold throughout is by me.
Such a statement follows the established story line–that Sandy Hook began it’s school day at 9:30AM, a time shortly after which Lanza arrived to mete out the horrific carnage.

Yet at no point following the massacre did law enforcement authorities, public officials, or journalists actually highlighted or questioned the routine time Newtown schools open their doors or commence classes. It is common knowledge, however, that few public schools in the United States start classes as late as 9:30AM.
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Mr. Tracy goes on to answer his own question. But seems confused by the answer.

If recent screen captures of the Newtown School District‘s individual websites provide any indication this is the exact case for Newtown, most of which cite a classroom start of 9:05AM or earlier
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Nevertheless the 9:30AM school start time was not only suggested by authorities and in major corporate news media, but also by pillars of the local community sharing their personal experiences of when the school day began.
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I can't quite figure out what he is talking about in the above statements, I cant really follow his logic on why he thinks the "school day" started at 9:30 on Dec 14 2012, the day 20 children and 6 educators were massacred. Or why that matters. It seems to me he thinks the school day starts exactly when the front doors are locked?

But the answer is: School starts for Sandy Hook Elementary at 9:05 am.

But all Mr. Tracy need do is look at the Connecticut Police Report available online since December of 2013.

EVERY teacher witness statement mentions their children already established in the classrooms when the shooting started at approx 9:35. I'll include just a few as there are too many to post them all.

note: ALL statements concur the front doors were locked at 9:30. *(see edit below)







Edit add: * this means the doors were already locked by that time, not that is the time in which the janitor locked the door.
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