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Hi guys,

I'm a guy from Poland, job in a corporation, wife, kids, but in free time (nights) I'm interested in pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and all the mysteries and intriguing claims that are spreading around the Internet (as an intriguing cultural phenomenon but also a threat to society). When I was a kid, I believed a lot of these claims, but now I'm very skeptical, and even play with debunking amateurishly as well.
My main "specialty" is ancient aliens, lost civilizations, alternative history/alternative archaeology - although I have no education in this direction just amateur interests, I am pretty good at ancient history, archaeology, as well as myths and religions. I would be very happy to look into things in this area, if there is interest.

In the wave of recent interest in UFOs, old sentiments returned and for a long time I was like a 20% believer, with soft skepticism. After Grusch's recent revelations, I began to be more suspicious, and start digging deeper - then i found AAWSAP story and realized, that I am watching Skinwalker History show without knowing it. Now my scepticism raised and as they say "I want my money back". That's how I ended up here

I am happy to be here, and I hope also to add something to the community.

Take care,
Hey everyone. I've been following Mick's work for a while and I'm really impressed with his approach and creativity in explaining prosaic explanations to UFO videos. I'm here to learn more about how to critically assess peoples claims. Looking forward to engaging with the community!
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Sup, Mick! Love your videos. I just wanted to register an account after lurking for a while because I have a story to share that might interest you all (it has relevance to the fallacious way UFO fans think). I don't know if I'll become a regular after posting it or not, but I just wanted to share it.
Hello. I'm here because of Mick`s recent UAP debunkings. I appreciate his honesty and I think his work is invaluable to the UFO community. I'm a skeptical believer. I'm skeptical of recorded proof of anything especially The Phenomenon. I hit all the buzzwords! Dang too bad this isn't a tweet I would just load the hashtags!!!! Here is a gopro image of probably a plane. 30 x 1 sec exposure

This thread is for any first time poster to (optionally) post an introductory "hi everyone" post, which will also get you "verified" (meaning you can post without anti-spam restrictions) once that post, and a few posts in another sub-forum, have been approved.

A few words on who you are and how you ended up here would be appreciated. Or just say hi!

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Hi. My name is Ben Harris. I authored the first book to debunk Uri Geller's claims, back in 1986. It's called Gellerism Revealed. I've also written about UFOs in the Skeptical Inquirer and Australian Penthouse.
hello everyone, My name is Ravinder Kumar and I am from India. I am a farmer by profession. I am very interested in spirituality. Since I am less educated I know very little about science. But I believe that spirituality is a subtle science. I have studied many books on spirituality since childhood. I don't know if I should be here or not. But I can get a lot of education from learned people here. Once I came here I realized what I was doing here among such great people (scientists). Due to which I also felt embarrassed. But I appreciate the work of you guys. I'm here because I recently watched Mick West working on a video posted by the US Navy in the film "The Ufo They Don't Want You to See" by Brian Dunning on YouTube. I am very impressed by his work and honesty. This is the first person I have seen on the internet who is using science and technology for the benefit of humanity in revealing the truth behind things flying in the sky. I don't know what his personal motive is behind doing this work. This could also be their hobby or profession. But his work helps a person like me to come out of imaginary thinking.
Goeie more! (Afrikaans for "Good Morning!")

I am a South African living in Europe and I work in the software engineering field with emphasis on User Experience and Machine Learning and specialising in building digital products. (I saw the repo to Sitrec and just had to join).

Let's get to the bottom of this! the Ocean!
Hello! I'm glad to be here. I've been following Mick West for a while. Recently, the Jellyfish UFO and the Miami Mall Alien pushed me to the limit, and I decided it was time to become a Metabunk member. I'm a world traveler, published writer, retired tech/comm C suite, rationalist, and a degreed philosopher, among other things. I prefer logical explanations rather than sensationalism and emotional responses. My hobbies include astrophotography with my husband, and I'm currently writing a sci-fi novel.
Hey all, started reading Down the Rabbit Hole yesterday due to a family member who sends the family shares a lot of interesting information.

I'm a skeptic but was raised Evangelical (got out of that around the age of 17). I love reading books about science, especially those on time, evolution or space.
Hi everyone. I've been an amateur astronomer for the last 50 years, an amateur radio operator, and - of course - skeptic for decades. I enjoy Mick's online analyses vids and his articles in the pages of Skeptical Inquirer. I've lurked metabunk for long enough and realized I needed to say hello!
Hello I am DunJet from Ireland.
I am not here because of Mick as I do not know who he is. One minute I was reading an email sent to me from Kachina House about silver tourquoise rings and one thing led to another.
Anyway here I am.
Amazing how the internet does that.:rolleyes:
Hey everybody. I just found this site and I'm in awe. (I discovered it when following a link to this fake JFK quote.) I'm a retired newspaper copy editor, and as such was trained to be skeptical and diplomatic. I'm a big fan of places like Snopes, Wikipedia, and all their efforts to stand up against pseudoscience, mis/disinformation, and any and all bullshit in general. I'm not sure how much I'll be contributing here, but I'm excited by the possibilities. I'll probably just be lurking for a while as I poke through the massive amount of stuff that's on this site. Cheers.
Longtime lurker. Trad photog shooting 35mm through 8x10 plates. If I can help, I will.

Debunk CV:

Did cold reading on John Edward forum (a long time ago) for a month. Exposed the technique at the end of the month. Forum members were still convinced I had powers despite a detailed explanation.

Drove Jose Escamilla crazy on the earliest version of his "Rods" forum (also a long time ago) by showing how his protocol induced motion blur.

My main interest in UFOs is the psychosocial angle because I suck at math.
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Hi all.
Happy to have found some active debunking outside of my usual circle. I'm mainly interested in the Qanon and right wing political conspiracy theories around a New World Order. I also have interests in cryptid and paranormal phenomena and debunking YouTubers that claim ghost and paranormal activity.
Hi everyone
Long time lurker, first post
Have a background in Physics (undergraduate level), and interests in science, astrophysics, cosmology along with current events
Hi Folks,

I had a decent interest in UFOs as a kid before realizing the evidence isn't there. I love the attitude of the rational approach to figuring out whether something is worth investigating further or not. I appreciate Mick's contributions and would love to see the breakdowns progress as they happen.

Did cold reading on John Edward forum (a long time ago) for a month. Exposed the technique at the end of the month. Forum members were still convinced I had powers despite a detailed explanation.
Would love to see this, if it still exists out there...
Would love to see this, if it still exists out there...
Ya know, it was a forum linked to his official webpage way back in the early days of his syndicated TV show and is probably archived somewhere.

It was nothing special. I used my Native American heritage to concoct a bit of a backstory. Claimed my NDN Grammaw had "powers" inherited down the family lines and that she claimed I had them as well. I downplayed it. I said that I wasn't sure of the powers but did see and sense things at times.Then a string of cold reading baits were laid out.

"I'm sensing a small dog, possibly brown to medium brown fur and the dog is dressed in funny clothes with a hat. The dog is darting around, stopping and barking, here and there. I hear lots of laughter."

And boom, about a dozen people would hit on that and give me info to get more specific.

It played out just as you would imagine, just as all cold readings do.
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New member here, been a fan of all the work done here, so decided to join the community and pitch in where I can with my personal experiences.
I'm a Navy veteran, used to work as a jet engine mechanic on an aircraft carrier, then after went to school for computer science, and even worked for an ISP company. I spend all my days glued to the screen, but when I don't, I enjoy astro photography and stargazing.
I believe we aren't the only intelligent life forms in our Universe, The ALL, but I'm a hard facts and evidence type of person.