Website traffic and radio audience of Alex Jones, Infowars, Prison Planet, etc.


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Alex Jones constantly toots his horn about his website traffic and how it and drudge are so popular and I just heard him recently claim that he reaches up to 60 million radio listeners since the Boston Bombing.

When speaking of website traffic, Alex always cites who only counts page hits from people who use the alexa toolbar. I don't know anyone who even uses toolbars let alone alexa, but for what it's worth I did check alexa, and does appear to have more traffic than alot of other news sites..... From people who use the alexa toolbar.

But I would like to know if there is a more accurate way to see where websites really stand relative to the rest of the internet. I would also like to know if there is any way to prove how listeners are tuning into his show.


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Yeah, I often wonder about Alexa, I think their results can be very skewed.

Most definitely, I have a friend who attempted to start a gaming blog a few years ago. He essentially asked a bunch of friends to install the Alexa toolbar and change their homepage to his site. He also went into some of our college's computer labs and did the same thing to them. At his peak he had managed to get his site up to around the #30,000 rank, which was pretty obviously skewed considering the rankings go well into the millions and he had almost no legitimate traffic coming to his site at all.

Not really surprising to me that Jones would use that as a reference for site traffic. CTs are known for being especially passionate and I would be willing to bet money that if you did a survey of visitors to his site you would find a significantly larger percent of users who had the Alexa toolbar installed versus visitors of sites like CNN, NYT, Huffington Post etc.