We Are Change Calgary meets David Keith - Chemtrail / Geo-engineering

I made some notes as I watched it, to make it easier to find the various parts. Keith's parts are in bold

0:00 - How can’t people see chemtrails Barium, etc, Photo of Father.
Keith - I don’t know what a chemtrails is

1:50 - K gives his background, 10% geoengineering
2:20 - defines geoenginering

3:00 - against CO2? Not really, for openness, etc

4:00 - K - People are being paid to make science complicated (smoking, etc)
4:50 - K - Things that are true, but misleading (C02 is nt the main greenhouse gas, it’s water vapor)
5:30 - K -Why it’s not the sun (not warming the upper atmosphere)
6:30 - K -Not one scientist thinks the sun is responsible

6:40 - The “oil patch”?

7:20 - Opinion on geoengineering, HAARP. HAARP “reseachers” predicted tornadoes by seeing patterns in weather satellite photos?

9:20 - K - Explains the scale of HAARP, 12TW is total human energy,sun is bigger.

10:05 - What caused dissolution of WTC. K - planes flew into them. Tries to make an analogy about evidence

11:00 - recommend read Judy Woods “where did the towers go”, science that will blow your mind, it’s ALL SCIENCE!!! Connection to HAARP and Tesla’s work.

11:46 - Sonja? AAAS confrence, quote on “side effects harder to manage”
12:40 - K explains again what geoengineering is, and nobody is doing it, people looking at the risks and benefits. Working on how to govern it

13:40 - Any tests? K - No, just one Russian, Yuri Israel, did a “test”, “silly”, just publicity.
14:28 - K - Only inside tests.

14:40 - K - Governments lie. But implausible that nobody would have leaked
15:16 - K - what we are talking about would NOT look like contrails.
15:40 - K - Scale of supply chain
16:10 - K - Why it’s “laughable”
16:50 - K - “nobody has ever sent me anything” - except poor evidence.
17:20 - K - Aluminum/Alumina very common.
18:00 - K - Manhattan Project as an example of a secret. Discussed differences.
18:50 - K - “people do a shitty job of keeping secrets”

19:19 - K - Manhattan project - everyone actually believed that it was important to keep secrets, as we were at war. There’s no similar motivation now, and the opposite if it’s a bad thing.

20:20 - “Area 51, I dunno”

20:30 - Technology develops ahead of safety. Impacts not initially known for new technologies.

21:39 - Samples of soil and water. Az, July 7th. 20,000 ppm, vs standard of 2 ppm.
22:10 - K - No, that’s just wrong. Aluminum is very common.

22:25 - Something about aluminum average in gardens. Spot testing.
23:30 - K - Lots of routine monitoring of soil and air tests. Ken Caldera put up papers. Nothing detect.
24:00 - K -Air pollution is a real problem.

25:10 - K says he would “drop everything else I was doing, and risk my life”, if there was evidence. But there’s no evidence.

26:10 - That would be great
26:35 - “I’d love to go on a hike with you”

27:00 - K give his background, physic at MIT, environment science. Carnegie Mellon.

28:35 - K - Why do people believe in chemtrails? Sometime Disturbing. K “Many people writing who said they want to kill me”. One local person called Holly (male), had to call police,

29:30 - K there are consequences of what you are saying. I might get murdered by someone influenced by your theory. . You have to take responsibility for that.

30:00 - The government. The “elite system”, Rockerfellers,
30:42 - K - I don’t think there are many secrets. It’s very hard to keep secrets. All the “secret” info is in Janes.

31:45 - Secrets can be compartmentalized? Employees might not know the big picture.
33:00 - K - discusses how difficult it would be. Huge paper trail
33:50 - K - modifying aircraft would leave huge paper trail.

34:10 - Military or Civillian aircraft?
34:30 - K - what is the purpose of chemtrails? Lots of different theories.

35:30 - Cloud seeding for hail suppression. Locally WMI.
36:30 - Why are they doing it?
37:00 - K - Pictures show aircraft in the troposphere.
37:40 - Why are they doing it?
38:20 - Aluminum resistant seeds from Monsanto. Collaboration with military.

40:30 - “it doesn’t matter” quote? (unclear)

41:10 - (Jerry?) Judy Woods says: “why” is the last question. The first question the the evidence, then “how”, then “who”, and finally “why”. First you have to establish what is happening.

42:05 - K - Sure. but we are building a bridge from two directions. Motivation is useful in determining the full theory.

43:30 - (works in hospital? Practicioner. Naturopath) Sees lots of non-specific pathology.Greater incidence of this. Anecdotes. General feeling that “something weird is happening”. (long ramble about this)

46:20 - Something about chemical tests.
47:40 - k - naturopaths will naturally see people with non-specific symptoms.

48:45 - The brain. Complicated. Chemicals. Sound Frequency. Vibrations.Frequency’s have effect.
49:30 - Theory: secrecy, complarmentalized, mind control, chemical reactions manipulated, fish. Rambling. Easy to absorb chemicals.
50:42 - Sound frequency affects your body, DNA, chemical regulations, creator.
51:16 - Is it so far out there? Chemicals in our diet. FDA, combined with HAARP, GWEN, VHF, etc. Rats brans.
52:30 - Population already suppressed, the stuff is to keep them in a governed state (with chemicals and sound).
53:20 - GWEN is ELF, mid 1900. Mathemeticians.
53:45 Tesla. Frequency, secrets. It’s a grand symphony, orchestration.
54:30 I have symptoms, stuff in water
55:00 (continues on the same topic).

55:49 - Every time I see chemtrails, have to take kid to hospital for bronchitus

56:00 - underestimate power of corporations and their money. Monsanto control the food, control the people.

57:11 - HAARP can be used to activate the chemicals in our body.

57:36 - Rob - spent six years to remove dependency from corporate system, went back to land, believe in god, harmony with nature. Life is all about relationships. Does not consent to spraying. Change the way we live. This is not sustainable or healthy. So he’s bothered by chemicals or pollutions. Does not say there are chemtrails, but there are pollutants.
1:00:45 - “there’s some communication issues we need to work out”

1:01:20 - K - talks about pollution, etc. Unsustainability.

1:02:00 - K - How I inject science into my thinking. (addressing the 48:45 comments).
1:03:00 - K - Things we are sure about. Science works well. Very open.
1:03:30 - K - ELF cannot affect the way a chemical works in your blood, basic physic.
1:04:30 - K - There are way that governments currently keep passive - TV. But not a conspiracy.
1:05:30 - K - Motives. Nothing is impossible for people to want to do. But there are some things that are physically impossible.
1:06:30 - K - “known physics”, not changed much for 100 years.
1:07:00 - K - there are only really four equations. Everything comes from that.

1:08:30 - K - Mind control would need big complicated molecules.
1:09:50 - K - Spraying the last way he would do mind control.
1:10:00 - K - food or water would make a lot more sense.

1:10:45 - K - There isn’t much unknown science. Scientists don’t do what they are told. They like to communicate. They are very open. Last people to do a conspiracy.

1:11:30 - K - Military really does not have much secret technology. Very hard to keep secret.
1:12:30 - K - Military does not have “science”
1:13:00 - K - Military and regular science is inter weaved.
1:14:00 - K - Some secrets - operations.

1:14:20 - Depleted uranium, being used. Secret?
1:15:00 - K - Not a secret [CT guy think it is]
1:15:35 - K - Toxicology effects are tiny.
1:16:20 - K - What’s a secret? Depleted uranium is NOT a secret.

1:17:35 - Risk. Unknowns. What happens in 50 years is unknown.
1:19:25 - K - Yes, there are unknowns.

1:19:40 - Watch “WITWATS”. It presents you in a bad light.
1:20:20 - K - it was clear he was cutting it that way. He had a preconceived view.

1:21:20 - What type of research document would be evidence?
1:21:40 - What’s it called? k - geoengineering - some specific ideas about that.
1:22:15 - K - nobody is even recommending it, let along doing

1:23:00 - Why some contrails are long, and some are not. K - kind of explains

1:24:00 - There’s no hiding. Peer review. Everything is open and available.
1:24:40 - K - Publically funded. So open by law.

1:25:00 - K - Seeing contrails wide and narrow. Just normal phenomena.
1:25:40 - K - “chemtrail site” that scanned some old textbooks. (ContrailScience.com?).

1:26:10 - K - Would have to be a lot of procurement documents.
1:26:40 - K - if commercial aircraft use, it would be known.

1:27:20 - K - Patents are irrelevant.

1:28:00 - Grid pattern. “unlikely”.

1:28:20 - K - Must be some documents somewhere. Just takes one leak to prove it.

1:28:35 - K - Weather Modification Inc. Not chemtrails.
1:29:00 - K - Cloud seeding is not a secret. Does not work that well.
1:29:30 - K - cloud seeding is not chemtrails.
1:29:40 - K - You need a permit to spray chemicals.

1:30:00 - weatherman showing chaff.

1:30:25 - K - I don’t see evidence. Large scale spraying? Need supply chain. That is evidence.

1:31:00 - Large amount of budget unaccounted for.
1:31:25 - $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
1:32:00 - K - Someone has to actually do the engineering. Someone would leak it. Nobody has. So that’s good evidence. Thousands of people have not leaked.
1:33:00 - K - Evidence would be the long-term monitoring of water and stuff.
1:33:30 - K - WITWATS samples are not good science “laughable”.
1:34:00 - K - LOTS of people monitoring the water.
1:34:30 - K - WITWATS not good evidence. LOTS of test.
1:35:00 - K - not a single test has shown increases in barium.
1:35:40 - K - Simple elements are very simple to measure. Complicated molecules would be more difficult to measure.

1:37:00 - K - Need to look at more data.
1:38:00 - K - We measure air pollution. Big department. We keep lots of records, and we do statistical analysis. But we don’t see any increase of any specific chemicals

1:39:00 - Conspiracy guy appreciates how he can up his game now,

1:39:40 - quit with the death threats.

1:39:50 - Will do this (meeting) again.

1:40:00 - We need to get proof and bring it back.
1:40:30 - Watch WITWATS?
1:41:00 - K - google group on geoengineering
1:41:30 - mentions of contrailscience?

1:42:00 - follow up

1:42:40 - K - If you find evidence. Send it to as many places at once.

1:43:30 - K - Patents. A cheap way of publishing. You can patent anything, regardless of if it works.
So pretty much everything that debunkers have always been saying for the last 14 years - thanks for this :)
Wow. And well done to Keith for having the patience to actually do this. The chemtrail crowd often talk about how scientists work in secret for fear of losing reputation by whistleblowing. In reality, scientists only chance of a threat to their reputation is in giving credence to wild conspiracy theories by addressing them directly, and being inevitably misquoted by the movement.

Here though, Keith is the perfect man for the job, with expertise in all the pertinent areas, and a history in the subject. He calmly addresses all the key points and takes his time in explaining what he means and where misconceptions lie. This obviosly needs much more exposure in chemtrail circles.
This is exactly what a true documentary filmmaker would try to do, to interview a "primary source", yet that reason is exactly why Michael J. Murphy and the rest won't even mention this interview at all.
At the end the questions from the group were "What do we have to do to convince you?" I wonder whether he convinced any of them.

I'm the one who took this video. I do want to say to Jay R. that actually Michael J. Murphy did contact me to use some of that footage. So I'll be watching for it and I hope you all do too.

Michelle Robinson
We are Change Calgary
I expect Murphy will chop out whatever Keith says doesn't fit into his agenda. He never addresses the major defects in his own statements, but will twist anything he can that someone else says. Michael J. Murphy actually made it seem in WITWATS that Lenny Thyme said aluminum oxide was poison and could change soil pH, when he has said more than once that all chemists know aluminum oxide is inert and nontoxic, and will not change soil pH. When I asked, Thyme said he actally recommended taking bentonite clay, which is 10% aluminum oxide, he said that the aluminum was bound up and harmless.

To get an idea of how far Michael J. Murphy will go, and has indeed gone already, you need to read what I found out when I spoke to Thyme directly:
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