Washington Post: Former QAnon believer's tale


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This isn’t a story Jadeja necessarily wants to tell. Not really. He’s moved on, recently founding a data analytics venture. He can look back at it with some humor. When asked if he had a partner, for example, he replied, he “didn’t have a significant other during QAnon, surprise surprise, and if I did I doubt I would’ve held on to them very long.”
Still, “it’s kind of embarrassing.” But, he reasons, if telling it prevents anyone else from falling down the same dark and twisted rabbit hole he did, then the potential humiliation is worth it.



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“If I didn’t have family that loved me I probably would have committed suicide,” he said. “It was really a terrible feeling to know that you are this stupid and this wrong.”

Mick West

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At one point, a QAnon believer posted online requesting Q to get Trump to say “ ’tip top tippy-top shape,’ as kind of a shout out.” Four months later, when speaking at the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll, Trump used a version of that phrase.

“For the longest time, I was like ‘Dude, that’s a very unique phrase,’ ” Jadeja said. But as he began questioning QAnon, he began looking more deeply — and stumbled upon a two-part YouTube compilation of Trump repeatedly using that wording. “It’s just something that Trump says from time to time. … That’s when my world kind of came crashing down.”

That linked video has less than 1,500 views. The TipTop thing is also something that I covered here:
(has a list of occurrences and a timeline)

It's interesting that a video that had such a huge impact is so obscure. I think this is partly because YouTube suppresses QAnon content, which means it ends up suppressing factual information, including debunks, about QAnon.
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