Was World War 1 a giant plot to create The League of Nations?


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Hello everybody, it's time for another Alex Jones Rumor!


Alex says :
World War I for instance, -
there was absolutely no reason to have World War I, -
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except that it was an ideal opportunity for the banking cartel -
to make a pile of money by funding both sides of that particular war.
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On June 28th 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne -
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated while traveling in a motorcade.
The Black Hand, a Serbian Secret Society with connections to French -
and British Intelligence, took credit.
World war I had begun.
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The question is, "Why did they want war?".
Well, first of all, there's money and power, -
but secondly, they wanted to create The League Of Nations.
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Their true intention was for the League to serve as a framework for World Government.
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Now of course, Alex uses this as an example to prove everyone that the New World Order exists, using WW1 as an example to create the League Of Nations, which is basically the UN.

Personally, I think it is a baseless assumption, but Alex Jones is allowed to think what he wants, right?