Want a Global Criminal Enterprise? Google Can Help.

Charlie Primero

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Check out the staggering hypocrisy in this CFR/JP Morgan/Google operation...


> "It’s clear that illicit networks—particularly those that are violent and coercive like drug smugglers, arms dealers and human traffickers—have a devastating human and financial impact on every nation."

Fact is, the most violent, coercive organizations on this planet are governments. They use violence to extract sustenance from victims. They have murdered hundreds of millions of human beings in the last century. Yet, anyone who slightly attempts to emulate their grift becomes "illicit".

Their hypocrisy is staggering.

Mafia.gov printing up money to spend = "quantitative easing". You doing the same = "counterfeiting".

Mafia.gov licensing doctors and Big Pharma monopolies to deal drugs = "Health Care". You researching and employing chemistry = "Dangerous Illicit Quackery".

Mafia.gov sending out men with guns to collect money = "Revenue". You using coercion to collect money from the prosperous = "Extortion"

> "Recently, we’ve expanded our focus to include violent illicit networks such as narco-trafficking, human trafficking, organ harvesting and arms dealing. We believe that technology has the power to expose and dismantle global criminal networks, which depend on secrecy and discretion in order to function".

Notice how they emphasize the very ugly, but minor aspects of the occult economy such as sex trafficking, terrorism, and slavery, while subtly including the one they really care about Money "Laundering" which has the potential to starve these predators out of existence.

> "We think Google can help".

Darn right Google can help. Similar to government mega-contractor Microsoft, they will most definitely employ their vast resources and expertise to help perfect this massive criminal enterprise and ensure the benefits accrue only to the Elites they represent.


Here is a Google Ideas INFO Summit video about how they will "protect" us from they scary menace that is BitCoin...

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