Video summary of Independent Forensic Team Report on Oroville Dam


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Showing up for me at number 30 currently on YouTube trending videos is a video by a channel called Practical Engineering I follow, this video is a summarizing of a 584 page report released on the Oroville Spillway incident. It reminded me that this forum existed, so I thought it best to include this here for those who may be interested.

The full report:


Video description:

February 2017 saw one of the most serious dam-related engineering incidents in history with the failure of the service spillway at Oroville Dam. Whether they realized it or not, the people living and working downstream of Oroville Dam put their trust in the engineers, operators, and regulators to keep them safe and sound against disaster. In this case, that trust was broken. This video provides a summary of the event, including an explanation of the engineering details behind the failure.
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Thanks, I did watch the short video and it was a fairly good summary, I'll eventually read the report (I've read a few others on the topic already so it should be easier than for people coming to the topic cold). I also watched the demolition and rebuild as they happened so that was fun.

This was also the first topic I ever followed on this site.
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