Utah Drone video of UFO [Probably an insect]


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Here's a youtuber who caught no doubt the same UFO effect caused by a bug zipping past a drone camera. This should jump to the time (2:06) where a red circle tracks it...

You can make out the wings on this bug in freeze frames. The phenomenon seems to be sunlit bugs getting imaged as very white with a dark background. Apparently he didn't notice another bug that passes in the full footage seconds after the spot I'm time-targeting here.


I was watching a video on YT of medieval longbows and such and noticed this


An insect coming through frame.
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Dandelion seed pod or something similar was my first guess, months ago, when this first surfaced. Falcon was another one I explored but I've over a decade of experience with falcons, including photographing them. Dandelion seedpod I stuck with. And then we have this.. Skip to 12:02. Notice several similarities:

Same rough altitude
Same rough geographical location (dandelions are perennial and have varied habitats, including the U.S.)
Same color of object
Same sort of speed
Same sort of "incredible maneuvers" displayed *(but its just wind blowing a light object)

The shape of our object is more obvious and identifiable in my example. I don't think it takes much imagination to consider how our Utah ufo might be the same thing, just appearing slightly differently due to differences in lighting, camera, speed & angle of approach. I reject declarations that the Utah object dips behind the distant treeline. (a) the resolution isn't high enough to tell (b) it could just be a close, small object, rotating as its blown, the changing perspective resulting in moments when the camera cannot resolve the object. My dandelion example below is entirely consistent with this.. The nature of the windblown dandelion seed means it does indeed rotate while being blown in the wind, and that rotation does indeed lead to different perspectives, some of which render it momentarily no longer visible... This effect increases with distance.

For me its case closed.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6MpqPe2-mg&feature=youtu.be&t=718
Both insect are bird are easier to identify either because they're nearer camera or they're bigger than our "UFO" (or that's neither insect or bird, but a seed or something like that).
That quite recalls the Utah "UFO", but seen in detail I'd bet that's a bird. At some point you can guess its wings.

At 2:04 you have a second such object, probably another bird.