USS Omaha "Transmedium" Sphere Descending To the Sea

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DATE / TIME / LOCATION : The USS Omaha related UAP events depicted in the three images (one briefing slide) that I released a couple weeks ago - occurred on July 15th 2019 in the warning area off the coast of San Diego. The UAP event series reached a crescendo, with one of the numerous unknown targets entering the water at 11pm (PST). No wreckage was found / none of the craft were recovered.

PHOTOGRAPH / VIDEO : I’m also providing one additional still image from video - not released in the May 1st 2020 ONI UAPTF briefing - of that UAP encounter series. I have now released four images related to this event series - all were captured directly from a visual system aboard the USS Omaha.

Text from the slide:
CCSG-9 Comment: (U) USS OMAHA observed a possible UAS [Unmanned Aerial System], spherical in shape moving towards the surface of the water and then disappearing. OMA assessed the object had sunk. Attempts to search the water for wreckage were ineffective.
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"UAS" is basically a "UA" (Unmanned Aircraft) + "S" (system) - meaning an unmanned aircraft plus associated control systems and accessories. Like a DJI drone UAS would be the drone, the controller, and the view screen or headset.

The definition of an Unmanned Aircraft sometimes includes balloons. That would be my first guess here.


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Does anybody know what "the May 1st 2020 ONI UAPTF briefing" was, exactly? And, aren't briefings a regular thing in Navy? I am not saying that what is shown in the slides is not interesting, but are we not (again) looking at over hyped things..
Still basically no data here..... this looks so grainy it's probably at the max range of the sensor being used. It could even be an astronomical object moving below the horizon from all we can tell.

The context would be key. If they had radar lock and even a submarine checked it out....that would change things. But I dont' think we can determine that from the pictures we have.
Agreed, gtoffo.

It is context-less and lacks reference points to give a sense of scale.
Ok a hint from Jeremy Corbell in a podcast made me realise something: the last image he released appears to be a still taken from a video. It is not the same as the other images that seem taken from a presentation slide. To me it looks like someone filming a screen (not the original).

He is hinting heavily he has the video at his disposal I think. Would be interesting to see it.
Someone on twitter put the images Jeremy had posted into a gif


Kind of reminds me of the T-Hawk drone


The GIF shows that those stills are all taken from recordings of the screen. None of them comes from the original.

You can see the camera is always pointing at almost 0° bearing. But the camera shifts around a lot.

I wonder why the Government would not use the original.....there was no other way of recording the sensor data? Weird...

Also the target seems to be going down exactly straight. That would be consistent with an astronomical object potentially setting over the horizon.

Can we somehow determine if this is IR or an Electro Optical view?

(Higher Resolution)

New video from Jeremy Corbell.

It looks like FLIR in black hot. Shows a spherical object drifting very slowly to the ocean. It seems to bot a little, and then vanish.

To me this seems consistent with a (#1) weather or other scientific balloon, with a suspended payload. When the payload hits the ocean that will make it bob around a bit, then the high winds (audio says gusts of 40 knots) will rip the balloon, causing it to burst and sink.

It hard to say though. It's possible it could be a (#2) heat source, like a flare, that appears larger due to glare.


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What's with the sharp movements at the start? Looks like something the that will be used as proof of speeds, maneuvers etc.
edit coords and other text from the video as far as I can tell

32° 29.118' N 119° 20.177' W

16-??-2019 - So not 15th?

Could 7 be white on black to distinguish it from 1? It isn't elsewhere?

Also date in EU/UK format on a US ship?
Time 05:53 not 11PM

Also LRF no return (Laser Range Finder?)

Crosshair pattern changes similar to other military FLIR systems when in NAR mode at the end (bars on end of the crosshair)

X marker changes to solid square marker and then to box when tracked?
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What's with the sharp movements at the start? Looks like something the that will be used as proof of speeds, maneuvers etc.
It's the camera moving. Watch the object and the ocean together, especially the black patch that comes in from the right.



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The Boeing P-8 Poseidon (formerly Multimission Maritime Aircraft) is an American maritime patrol aircraft developed and produced by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, modified from the 737-800ERX. It was developed for the United States Navy (USN).

The P-8 operates in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction roles. It is armed with torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons, can drop and monitor sonobuoys, and can operate in conjunction with other assets, including the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton maritime surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
I think a lot of people are going to be fooled by the camera movement in the first few seconds. On first glance it certainly gives the impression that it is the object moving horizontally and the camera panning to center it. It seems reasonable to consider the possibility that the ship may also be moving.

Notes from Corbell's post:
  • Minimum 14 targets.
  • Minimum 6ft in diameter - solid mass.
  • Varying speeds from 40 kts - 138 kts (46 mph - 158 mph).
  • Flight lasting longer than an hour.
  • Unknowns were illuminated.
  • Unable to discern origin, nor launch or landing points.
  • Unknown vehicles picked up on more than two types of RADAR.
  • Still images of this footage were included in the May 1st, 2020 UAPTF intelligence briefing that I have previously reported on.
  • It is noted in intelligence reports that the “spherical” craft appeared to be transmedium capable, and were observed descending into the water without destruction.
  • It is noted in intelligence reports that the “spherical” craft could not be found upon entry to the water - that a submarine was used in the search - and recovered nothing.
  • This footage is unclassified.
  • Craft remain officially - unidentified.

A few questions I'll be doing some reading to hopefully answer:

1.) Are the "flight' characteristics shown what we would expect from a scientific balloon losing altitude in winds that high?
2.) Is the behavior of the object when it hits the water consistent with a balloon collapsing?
3.) The notes mention "Minimum 6ft in diameter - solid mass." What systems would be evaluating the composition of the object?
4.) Are the varying speeds within the range/direction of the wind? (probably unknowable unless further data is revealed)
5.) It is mentioned the object was picked up by two forms of RADAR. Do flares produce a RADAR return?
6.) How was the size estimated? I.E. Was it estimated from the FLIR which is prone to size exaggeration due to glare or in some other way?
As with the 2D pyramids, this looks to be a recording of a screen (can these be played back at a later date or are they always "live". I wonder is the camera movement deliberate to cause the maneuvering effect?
The question of the experts with years of experience etc. not being able to recognize balloons will come up again.
They are recorded and can be played back but assuming the accompanying audio goes with the video I would assume we're looking at the sighting as it happens. You'll hear one of the operators inquire if a "helo" (helicopter) is available. Also worth noting we're looking at a few videos spliced together over time, notice the jump cuts between each recording.

Another note from the audio, it sounds like the operator says it "took off, bookin' it." at the beginning which could just be the object being picked up by a gust of wind but it could also imply the object is moving under its own power.
Does anyone understand the temperature? The black IR image (if that's what it is) seems to imply a high temperature relative to the sky behind, like a jet engine. Balloons would be roughly at ambient air temperature, except for hot air balloons, of course, and even they are probably not very hot except for the burners. Could the temperature of the balloon at low altitude, where the air is relatively warm, be high enough when viewed against a distant background sky to show up as 'hot' in IR?

It seems to disappear very suddenly at the end. I wonder if it could be a captive balloon being hauled down by a submarine? (US, Chinese or Russian)
I saw a video that looked a little similar to Corbells video the other week, it was taken from a different ship on the east coast.
They were monitoring a target drone that was shot down. I have a feeling that's what we are seeing in the USS Omaha footage

As someone else said, I also think LRF means Laser Range Finder from the little google searching I have done.

BTW, here is a tour of the USS Omaha. I have cued it to the spot where they show an area that might possibly be where they are looking at the screens as seen in Corbell's video.

Here's a version of the Omaha UFO video, stabilized to remove the phone-camera motion. Also removed some of the UI for clarity. Two things:
1) It's descending really slowly
2) 10:53:19 to 10:59:35 is missing (cut at 20 seconds into this clip)
The speed at which it descends almost makes me think of a planet setting. Seems silly, but let's add it to the list.
At the end of the video when it "splashes" (which I don't see it doing) it fades out over several frames. This cloud be the balloon deflating, but suggests to me that it's a glare, going behind the horizon (or maybe just a wave)

After studying this, I think I'll flip to my #2. flare.


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Just for clarity we now have confirmation from Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough:
“I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy personnel, and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations,”
Quoted from The Debrief.

The speed of the confirmation, on a Friday no less, seems surprising. The video was recorded on a cell phone inside the CIC (Combat Information Center). That's not an area of the ship where personal cell phone use is tolerated, especially in the midst of live operations. FOIA requests from the Black Vault have shown messaging around UAP activity is coordinated and monitored (source). It seems strange to acknowledge the provenance of the video so quickly unless it had already been reviewed and was expected to enter the public sphere.

Has Corbell mentioned where the details list associated with the video came from? If we are to take those details as fact I think it definitely changes my perception of what it could, and couldn't, be.
As always, this could be any number of things. The only context we have is what’s given by people who are known to hype and manipulate the situation (the bokeh triangle, for example). We’re led to believe this is a trans-medium craft and that the Navy has no idea what it is. But, of course, the reality of the video is that this is just something floating into the ocean and we have no way to know what the Navy thinks about it.
It could be inter dimensional beings but we can also imagine many other things it could be. Unfortunately, with the information flow controlled it’s virtually unfalsifiable for those who choose to believe it’s something extraordinary. But that burden of proof is still on them whether they care or not.
The fact that this comes from the UAPTF doesn’t mean much without a statement from them. My guess is that cases not positively identified, or cases with just limited data, may be sent to them for investigation whether or not they have a ”good” idea of what it is. From there, the ambiguous ones can be cherry-picked to tease the public.
The dialogue in the video is compelling depending on your bias. But it’s always the case that you don’t know what something is until you do. For all we know there is other evidence that points to it being a balloon or drone - but that evidence is omitted by the leaker or Corbell (for obvious reasons), or by somebody else (for unknown reasons). Again, it’s very possible this is known to be a balloon or a drone but it finds its way to UAPTF and remains “unidentified” until they can verify specifics - purpose, origin, etc.
It could be something neat! But there’s nothing new here. If it weren’t for the “trans-medium” narrative that’s been pushed by a select few UFO characters this probably wouldn’t even be as exciting as it is. For all we know, judging from the dubious history of UFO industry, they could have been pushing this particular hype in anticipation of releasing this specific video. Entire branches of UFO lore have in the past been created from sporadic single-point evidence and are still going strong today.
We can only guess at their motives. But if anybody knows how to psychologically build a narrative in this way, it’s a film producer and a counterintelligence agent.
The video was recorded on a cell phone inside the CIC (Combat Information Center). That's not an area of the ship where personal cell phone use is tolerated, especially in the midst of live operations.

Are you just referring to use of smartphone cameras by personal in the CIC. Or do you mean they would not ever show that area publicly regardless of who took the footage and with what?

The CIC on the USS Omaha from the video I posted earlier

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At the end of the video when it "splashes" (which I don't see it doing) it fades out over several frames. This cloud be the balloon deflating, but suggests to me that it's a glare, going behind the horizon (or maybe just a wave)

After studying this, I think I'll flip to my #2. flare.

It kind of looks like the water is surrounding the object similarly to a sphere entering water. If this object is glowing black (because black hot), then could it be possible that light from the object is traveling up through the water like fiber optic cable? Maybe if the water splashes just right, some of the light from the object in the splashed water is pointed back at the camera during the splash?
Are you just referring to use of smartphone cameras by personal in the CIC. Or do you mean they would not ever show that area publicly regardless of who took the footage and with what?

From talking to a few people who have served aboard ships I was given the impression that using personal phones in the CIC is frowned upon, to put it lightly, and pulling out a phone and recording screens while an action is occurring is unheard of. Of course we don't know who was recording, it could be the captain himself for all we know.

I'm just leery of the idea that is a leak and not a controlled release but I suppose it doesn't really matter.
In the area at that time. [Edit: 12 hours earlier]


Where did that plane take off from? Was it Palmdale (ie Skunk works) ?

Also, here is a pic of the P8A dropping flares. So it's not unknown to do it. But if that video showed flares, would'nt there be a trail in the IR imagery showing the hot smoke?

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This becomes more and more ridiculous. It is obvious from the audio that it is some mundane task and they know what is about to happen. And certainly no warp drives were used here.
My initial thoughts are very similar to my thoughts about the 'transmedium' effect seen in the Aguadilla video.

To me the most noticeable observation is how the object appears to enter the water at the horizon. This is weird, because if it goes over the horizon it would have to be a massive object. And people aren't suggesting this. So why does it do this...?

I think it is due to the change in scene background in the infrared and digitised image at the horizon point. We have to understand that this is digitised imagery. The digitising and compression algorithms look for 'similar areas' low in contrast in the scene and reduce the resolution to save bandwidth and diskspace. As a side effect of this the image becomes blocky and detail is lost. Initially the object has the sky as the background. The contrast between the object and the sky is high, but with the sea as background the contrast is reduced. Additionally the scene is not 'dynamic', that is, it's not changing much between frame to frame. Again, in this condition the compression Algorithms will make the scene even blockier and only send/record the changes between frames. This results in the object being "lost" at this point ie as it crosses the horizon. (I'm not saying it didn't subsequently go into the water.) Can't prove this. Just my thoughts.

If you wanna know more about this theres some good youtube videos if you search for 'H.264 video compression artifacts'

We also have to very careful bout perspective, its not clear how far away the object is from the camera. Could be big and far away, could be small and close.
This arrow appears in the bottom left, I presume this indicates angle from the ship?

The shape of the ship marker is uneven, wider at the back like the Independence class LCS?

So is this from a gun camera for a rear arc system, like the rear top mounted CIWS?

So 6 minutes of the event is missing from that video Corbell shows.
It might be that the person videoing only took those 2 short clips and then later pasted them together.
Or there could be a longer video out there, and the posted Corbell video has 6 minutes cut from it .

Anyone care to do a FOIA request for the whole footage ?
If it exists you might get lucky and they provide it