USS Omaha "Transmedium" Sphere Descending To the Sea

Mick West

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DATE / TIME / LOCATION : The USS Omaha related UAP events depicted in the three images (one briefing slide) that I released a couple weeks ago - occurred on July 15th 2019 in the warning area off the coast of San Diego. The UAP event series reached a crescendo, with one of the numerous unknown targets entering the water at 11pm (PST). No wreckage was found / none of the craft were recovered.

PHOTOGRAPH / VIDEO : I’m also providing one additional still image from video - not released in the May 1st 2020 ONI UAPTF briefing - of that UAP encounter series. I have now released four images related to this event series - all were captured directly from a visual system aboard the USS Omaha.

Text from the slide:
"UAS" is basically a "UA" (Unmanned Aircraft) + "S" (system) - meaning an unmanned aircraft plus associated control systems and accessories. Like a DJI drone UAS would be the drone, the controller, and the view screen or headset.

The definition of an Unmanned Aircraft sometimes includes balloons. That would be my first guess here.


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Does anybody know what "the May 1st 2020 ONI UAPTF briefing" was, exactly? And, aren't briefings a regular thing in Navy? I am not saying that what is shown in the slides is not interesting, but are we not (again) looking at over hyped things..


Still basically no data here..... this looks so grainy it's probably at the max range of the sensor being used. It could even be an astronomical object moving below the horizon from all we can tell.

The context would be key. If they had radar lock and even a submarine checked it out....that would change things. But I dont' think we can determine that from the pictures we have.


Agreed, gtoffo.

It is context-less and lacks reference points to give a sense of scale.


Ok a hint from Jeremy Corbell in a podcast made me realise something: the last image he released appears to be a still taken from a video. It is not the same as the other images that seem taken from a presentation slide. To me it looks like someone filming a screen (not the original).

He is hinting heavily he has the video at his disposal I think. Would be interesting to see it.


Someone on twitter put the images Jeremy had posted into a gif


Kind of reminds me of the T-Hawk drone

The GIF shows that those stills are all taken from recordings of the screen. None of them comes from the original.

You can see the camera is always pointing at almost 0° bearing. But the camera shifts around a lot.

I wonder why the Government would not use the original.....there was no other way of recording the sensor data? Weird...

Also the target seems to be going down exactly straight. That would be consistent with an astronomical object potentially setting over the horizon.

Can we somehow determine if this is IR or an Electro Optical view?
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