USS Ford : leaked footage of UFO seen on flight deck [CGI]


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Videos circulating the internet last year, shows an F-18 Hornet making a landing on an aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford.......purporting to show a strange triangular craft parked on the ship's top deck.
September 2018. Mediterranean Sea. US Aircraft Carrier.
Leaked video from US Pilot shows a triangle shaped UFO parked on aircraft carrier
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But, this seems to be a CGI hoax, because original video shows no such craft on the flight deck....from multiple vantage points.....


Explained here.....

According to Iranian news outlets, the video was actually taken during flight operations being conducted by America’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this month. Even for those inclined to believe the Sharknado caliber special effects depicted in the footage, that’s where this story begins to fall apart. Not only is the Ford nowhere near the Mediterranean, there were no U.S. aircraft carriers operating in the Mediterranean during that period of time.
The footage is, however, of the Ford — as confirmed by the layout and general appearance of the flight deck. However, a little investigation proves that the footage was not captured in the Mediterranean or even in 2018. It was actually footage of the first ever arrested landing on the new carrier — making it a pretty high profile bit of footage to choose for such a ludicrous purpose.
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They really could have done a little better on following the actual shadow direction on the CGI. also seems to be full sun, with hard shadows even from the helicopter rotor blades.......while the "mysterious craft" has a fairly unrealistic fuzzy shadow.
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Speaking as someone who does 3D art, that's crap CGI. A rank amateur could have done better. What it looks like is that instead of using proper sunlight illumination they used a light source much closer to the model with crappy global illumination that made it fuzzy.
HI everybody - I'm looking for a copy of the CGI "UFO" video from the USS Ford but I see it's been taken down. Did anybody happen to download a copy they can share? Thanks. M