Upgraded forum software

Mick West

Staff member
I've upgraded the forum software (Xenforo) from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4, which fixes some minor bugs and annoyances:

  • Fix backwards compatibility/deprecation issue in PHP 5.6
  • Fix logging of password changes in the user change log
  • Attempt to prevent links to proxy.php being inserted into posts in certain cases
  • Ensure that links that do go to proxy.php in posts are considered external
  • Fix situation where search grouping is lost when replaying a search
  • Fix editor menu icon positioning in RTL
  • Fix tooltip positioning over certain avatars in RTL
  • Do not notify users of new posts while drafting a response when the only new posts are by users they ignore
  • Support navigation "counter" bubbles on extra tabs without menus
  • Prevent double HTML encoding in report resolution/rejection alerts
  • Fix issues with IE not always changing the selected image in the lightbox
  • Fix drag and drop upload into the editor when dragging from the download bar in Chrome on Mac
  • Fix IPB import issue relating to corrupt poll choices
  • Ensure that the smilie cache is rebuilt after the display order is updated
  • Ensure that style modification times are updated when style properties in the master style are updated
  • Allow user tagging when the @ symbol is proceeded by a single or double quote
  • Fix Gravatar fallback URL when using an absolute path to an image directory
  • Ensure that debug-only admin navigation entries are not returned by the admin search when they are not viewable
  • Ensure that the search minimum word length option only allows values greater than or equal to 1
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Please let me know if you notice anything broken or odd after this upgrade. Thanks.