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Mick West

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I updated the site software to Xenforo 1.4.2, which fixes some bugs, including some compatibility problems with iOS 8.

Minor improvements:
  • The IP of the user submitting a "Contact Us" form is now displayed in the email sent to the forum contact.
  • The "Contact Us" form can use the 1.3-style method of headers with the "Sender info in From header on contact emails" option. This can be useful when sending contact emails to a Gmail account which may not always respect the Reply-To header as expected.
  • Added support for Google's new Search Sitelinks mark up.
  • When a user has received warnings leading to a ban until the warning points expire, the ban expiration date will now be calculated and displayed to the user.
Some of the bugs fixed in 1.4.2 include:
  • Fixed display of the "hamburger" icon in the navigation in iOS8
  • Fix the cursor appearing erroneously after replying to a thread in iOS8
  • Don't autofocus file inputs to avoid iOS8 incompatibilities
  • Improve performance of the online status indicator
  • Allow years to be selected far in the future in the date picker
  • Disable IP resolution on the moderated users list due to performance issues
  • Reduce the amount of user information available to the "quick" session activity list to reduce memory issues
  • Add a new _getRegistrationInputDataSafe method to the registration controller that caches the _getRegistrationInputData method (which is not idempotent); the new method can be called multiple times
  • Check banned status before checking general viewing permissions
  • Disable overlay scrolling on absolutely positioned overlays (mostly for mobile devices)
  • Fix the date input appearing unexpectedly when clicking cancel in an overlay
  • Fix several JS and URL issues relating to running XenForo on an IDN
  • Improve pasting of tabular content into the rich text editor
  • Fixed editor issue where an entire paragraph could be removed when inserting an auto-completed username
  • Disable the rich text editor for Windows Phone due to cursor issues
  • Adjust the sitemap builder to lock the files and to flush them to prevent potential corruption
  • Fix a timezone-specific issue in the statistics where the final selected day would not always be displayed
  • Fix a race condition that could prevent a conversation from being marked as read
  • Prevent an SQL error if a user has 65,535 unread alerts
  • Prevent an SQL error from overly long warning messages
  • Prevent an error when reading bounce messages from empty IMAP mailboxes
  • Fixed a situation where the attachment file selector would appear behind the browser window in Firefox
  • Fixed a situation where the attachment list wouldn't be hidden when there were no attachments
  • Move "inherit" rules outside of style properties/into the extra component when set via the template system
  • Fixed tooltip positioning over avatars in the sidebar of the notable members page
  • Fixed tooltip positioning for "remove all filters" in the thread list
  • Prevent a possible error if using the bulk like removal on an orphaned like
  • Updated URLs in the cookie notice describing clearing cookies for some browsers
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