University of Michigan offers a 2 week "Science" UFO course


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The course will guide you through various UFO reports – a crucial aspect of the study of UFOs.

As you explore each one, you’ll learn what factors make a UFO report compelling and begin to understand what conclusions can be drawn.

It's on Teach-Out which seems to be a platform for people offer courses on what they want, i.e. it's not a University of Michigan course proper.

Teach-Outs bring together people from around the world to learn about and address important topics in society. Join us in these free and open online learning events to hear from diverse experts, discuss and connect with other participants, and consider actions you can take in your own community

However they are listing it under their banding and calling it science, so I am curious as to the actual content of the course and what it means by

You’ll develop the skills and basic techniques used to analyse videos to critically observe UFO videos within the course, and beyond.

Do they take a Metabunk approach or a UFO Twitter approach?

Also does the pure existence of such a course under the branding of University of Michigan Science even if it is publicly presented, no matter the content, affect the narrative about the nature of UFOs?

Of course we can just take the course ourselves and see what it contains if one of us has the time.
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I think that university is just trying to join the bandwagon and make some extra cash this way.


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if they are teaching critical thinking skills in the course, it's a great idea. UFOs are a fun topic that might draw people in just due to the topic. I would take a course on Bigfoot or cryptoids for sure, even if i knew they'd be debunking them.


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Mick is one of the contributor. There is a wide range of speakers, an astronomer, a UFO historian... I listened to half of it yesterday, it's cool, it gives an overview of UFO history and how it's part of the US culture. In one segment they focus on the UFO wave in Southern Michigan in 1966, when Hynek from projet Blue Book came to investigate and the whole thing was explained as swamp gas (which did not convince the locals at all).

I think it's interesting that academia starts looking into this, it will benefit the field.