Unified theory of chemtrails


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Some batty old English spinster posted this garbage on a conspiracy forum - I just had to let you guys read this, it`s comedy gold...:D


I'm gonna boldly go where no writer has gone before. Well, none that I know of except myself. I'm going to present a Unified Theory of Chemtrails. When I have made my case, you will see that all the questions have been answered. There is nothing I will present that would be accepted as final proof in a court of law. But law does not apply to chemtrails anyway. Whoever is doing the spraying operates outside of and doesn't answer to the law.

The chemtrail program is at least ten years old, depending on what one uses as a starting point. For sure we know that the chemtrail resistance movement is ten years old. Rick, of Rick's Gardening Tips forum, has been at it that long. Myself, it'll be 9 years in September, 2010.

In the early days of the resistance, the planes appeared to be as real as the spray they emitted. And we knew that the spray was real. Clifford Carnicom took samples and had them analyzed. What he found is a matter of common knowledge in the resistance movement; barium, aluminum, other nasty stuff. Let's pause here and take note of a couple of things.

1.The presence of barium and aluminum in so many tests has led the members of the resistance movement to accept that all the trails they see contain barium and aluminum. This may be so, but not necessarily so. Until any given trail has been analyzed, there is no way to know what is in it. There could be other stuff in there, depending on what effect the sprayers want to achieve. Or there could be nothing at all. The mere presence of a chemtrail is enough to generate anxiety and attentive energy which the other side feeds on.

2. Several years ago people began to notice that some of the spray craft were invisible, some of them disappeared when observed, and many of them flew way too fast to be a tanker plane.

This was all disregarded for the most part, as most everyone involved looked for and expected to find physical planes doing the spraying. Funny thing, though. No one, after all these years, ever did locate even one chemtrail plane. And no one has ever discovered the secret manufacturing facility where all this aluminum and barium were being processed into a liquid and put in tanker trucks for delivery to the secret chemtrail plane bases.

Does anyone think it is not odd that after all these years not one pilot has ever broken silence and appeared on a Jeff Rense interview? Nor one chemical truck driver, aluminum miner, or anyone who works in the processing plants. It is almost impossible to keep anything secret these days. And the lure of 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame should have been enough to tempt at least one person, don't you think?

So if these things are physical, where do they come from? If they can't be found here on earth, the next logical thing to consider is that they didn't originate from earth. No bases, no processing plants, no chemical truck drivers to be found. That pretty much leaves earth out as a possible base. And they would need a number of chemspray plane bases to cover the whole globe, as they have done. We have yet to find even one.

Not from earth, then. We will accept that as a possibility. If not from earth, then where? The moon, perhaps? If you are still looking for physical planes to be found in 3-D, then the moon is a logical next place to look. Even so, it would take a lot of craft from there to cover the earth as effectively as they once did. That would also take a lot of raw material, including water[!], to supply the spray craft. Is there really that much water on the moon? It would be necessary to have processing plants, with a labor force on site, to produce that much product to be sprayed on the earth. All of that would be on the dark side of the moon, of course, to keep amateur astronomers from seeing it.

Is the work force little gray aliens who don't need days off to play or a Wal-Mart to go to for groceries and school supplies?

And how about them tanker planes that do the spraying? How do they get from the moon to here and back again to the moon? Can we entertain the idea that they are not really tanker planes? Craft of another sort, craft that are capable of moon-to-earth flight that are cloaked to appear as something familiar? We've known of the existence of that technology for years. Twice I have seen craft disguised as a helicopter fly very close to me. I can tell you, that was a realistic looking hologram, especially that second one.

O.K. The moon. We can leave it out of consideration for the same reasons we left earth out of consideration as a base for the spray planes. The moon is even more complicated, as we've seen. There are logistical problems involved in manufacture and transport of spray goop, plus the question of labor force and no one knows if barium and aluminum can be mined out of moon soil.

Before we proceed further down that road of discovery, let's go back in time to the days before Don Croft's cloudbuster. I had taken note of the heavy spraying going on in my part of southern Arizona and tried various ways to eliminate it without success. Then it was made known to me that it is possible to erase chemspray with the power of my third eye. So I tried it. April Fool's Day, 2001, I busted my first chemtrail using my mind. I was hooked!

From then on, my partner and I stayed busy mentally erasing chemtrails. Great fun, and a real personally empowering act. But it took up a lot of time and attention and it was hard to do and stay focused on my job. When Don's cloudbuster came along in September, I was one of the first to join his group. But that's not the point I'm trying to make.

The point I'm trying to make is that the chemtrails were affected by mind power, by directed energy. The flip side of that story is, if the chemtrails can be dissolved by mental energy, can they be created by using mental energy? Now, hold that thought and let's talk about another topic that relates to this. Follow me. It's all part of my Unified Theory of Chemtrails.

I've been following the UFO story since the early days. Bits of information come to the surface in the midst of the layers of dis-information and lies. Piece these together and you begin to get an understanding of what is really going on out there in the wild blue yonder. Credible witnesses and reporters tell us that some of these off-world craft are not "flown" here in the sense that the starship Enterprise was "flown" anywhere. Some, maybe not all, of these craft are thought into existence. The occupants come from another time, or another dimension, and they think themselves into this intersection of time and space.

The occupants themselves, some of them, most notably the Roswell crash occupants, have been identified as biological constructs. So the visitor from out yonder, or another time, doesn't come here in his body. He may not even have a body, and certainly may not have one that functions well in this atmosphere, this gravity, this pollution, or this magnetic field. He mentally created a thoughtform that materialized in 3-D. Materialized thought forms are not unknown here on this world. Voodoo practicioners do them, and likely others. Tulpas are what they are called, I think. Check it out.

So materializing a ship out of nowhere is not really as far out as it seems. A transporter beam moves Captain Kirk from point to point. And here lately, the scientists have announced that they really can transport matter using a device. Crude, but usable. Want to speculate on what the black ops boys can really do that goes unannounced? There are reports of people who have used their mind under the stress of combat and teleported themselves from one point to another. So teleportation is settled science.

Creating something physical with your mind? Well, not here in 3-D, not for most people. But my buddy Flash, who died a few years ago, remained in contact with us after he left. Turns out that his life improved dramatically after he died. He told us that in his new location. all he had to do was think, and there was a motorcycle for him. Or a car. Or a girl. So, wherever he was, manifestation using your mind is the way things are done.

Here on earth, nearest I've heard of are the Programmable Life Forms. Do a Goooogle on that. Also think of clones. While this isn't instantaneous as with the UFO drivers, it is something created where nothing existed prior.

O.K. Back to the plot line. We have eliminated the earth and the moon as likely chemtrail plane bases. That leaves only the possibility of "somewhere else". That "somewhere else" could be from a different time or a different dimension. In previous paragraphs we have presented the fact that this, or something similar, goes on all the time.

We can speculate about motives another day. For now, let us accept that the Forces of Outer Darkness have their eyes on this little blue ball we call our own. And that they can move in and out of our reality as easily as you move from the kitchen to the living room. In other levels of creation, objects are manifested by power of the mind. So it is that they manifest their spray planes into our 3-D, and the planes appear in forms that are familiar to us.

There's one tiny little flaw in that plan. Something they would rather you not be aware of.

What is brought here from another dimension has a sort of impermanence about it. Brought into this reality by power of thought, it is easily dispelled by the power of thought.

And so it is that the chemtrails I saw in '01 were easily dispersed by my mind. I did not understand it at the time, but I do recall noticing that if I concentrated on the spray as it came from the nozzle, it was easily dispersed. Took longer if time had elapsed and I was working on the part of the trail laid moments earlier. I suppose that once introduced into 3-D, they became more permanent with the passage of time.

The craft have the same impermanence. This explains why it is that some people have reported that the planes just disappeared as soon as they were observed. The observer observes with hostility, which is an elevated projection of energy to the craft, and the craft disappears like a soap bubble, or like the trails did when I blasted them with my third eye back in '01.

All the questions about chemtrails have been answered. Maybe you don't agree with the answer, but you got to admit, it all fits. To summarize;

The chemtrails are real, and have real effects in 3-D.

The spray planes do not originate on earth, the moon, or 3-D. They come from "somewhere else". Which also explains why the government never acknowledged their existence. It is because the government is not doing it. And the government has no authority over the spray planes. So the only thing the government can do is what they did with UFOs. They explained the UFOs as Venus or swamp gas. Chemtrails? Those are contrails, my friend. End of discussion.

The spray itself is either a creation of someone's mind, or created by the same technology that they use on the Starship Enterprise to rearrange molecules out of thin air and make them appear inside a machine that dispensed their food. I forget what they called that thing! If you create barium and aluminum as you go along, you don't need mines, mine workers, transport trucks, or a tanker plane.

When I first began to notice chemtrails, they were covering the sky where I lived about four times a week. Look around now. The chemtrail program is only a shadow of its former self. What happened? People began to notice. People began to take action. Even noticing a spray plane reduces its power or makes it disappear. Treating the atmosphere with spray repellents has been hugely successful. The chemtrail program is now about 10% of what it was in the early days.

We can take notice of the spray planes when they appear, but they are not able to own the skies the way they did years ago. The sky belongs to the people again. And now that we've won this battle, it is time to look for other ways to make life on earth better. Time to look for other ways to engage and defeat the Forces of Outer Darkness.

It's time, really, to begin to create the kind of world we want to live in.


Dragon posts on the Yahoo Cloudbuster forum (apparently?)

So there you have it - the answer to persistent contrails is to "blast them" with your "third eye"
I hope she blasts her third eye in private. I always do.

But she got at least one thing right:

The spray itself is either a creation of someone's mind, or created by the same technology that they use on the Starship Enterprise to rearrange molecules out of thin air and make them appear inside a machine that dispensed their food.

Yes, Dragon-lady, both the Enterprise technology and the spray itself are products of the mind!
Does she think Captain Kirk is real too? she certainly sounds like it.

I never heard of invisible planes before, although I have looked at contrails and not seen the plane that made them before, I assumed it was just the sun was in the wrong place to illuminate them properly.

Reminds me of the time I saw a UFO off out to sea when I was at Clevedon. I just saw a tiny glint of light in the distance.
AS I had been watching aircraft (some making contrails) fly out in that general direction on their way across the Atlantic, I assumed that it was just another passenger plane and that the sun just happened to reflect off it for a little while making the bright spot appear and disappear. More fanciful minds might have thought all kinds of things.
That... what is... I mean... this...

Ok tylenol kicked in. This is all beyond bizzare even for chemtrailers. I really want this to be a troll baiting them. Out of curiosity, what kind of response did this earn from the rest of the forum it was posted on?
The references to "mind energy" and the "third" eye remind me of a group of people I have met who believe that since physics shows that all matter is energy, then the mind's energy can make things occur. It's an eclectic group of crystal packing "healers" who help align chakras using the vibrations of crystalline objects, angel-guided therapists who can teach how to use the third eye to see personal guardians, and a few fairly ordinary people who are devoted to yoga, t'ai chi etc. My impression is that many of these people reject the scientific method or twist it enough that it provides them with an illusion of being in control of unseen forces without the intercession of an omnipotent god.
uh, no. that was a Red Dwarf episode "Larger than Life"
better than life. a total immersion video game.
You are not supposing that this odd afterlife doesn't exist and she just made stuff up from whatever Sci Fi show she was watching at the time?