'UFO' video just shows contrail formation?

Max Phalange

Senior Member
This old video has popped up again in UFO circles:

There are some claims that the white objects are CGI, but perhaps they're just misidentified contrails, lit in an unusual way by the low sun?
I'm having a hard time visualizing the geometry of the lower "object" as a contrail. This may be a flaw in my visualization skills rather than saying much about what is actually in the video.

My interest was caught be a point of light that shows up near the upper "object" at around 1:09 and persists through about 1:12 (see pics.) A similar point shows up just above the roof line to the right at around 1:23. My first thought was bright stars showing through the haze for a moment then getting lost again, but on reflection I wonder if they are planes passing through the moment when they are reflecting a lot of light towards our videographer, then "fading out" as they turn more or just fly past the moment when the angle is right. To my eye, they look sharper and brighter in the vid than in these grabs.


The minute I saw that small light ( from 1.09 to 1.16 ) that moves from right to left below the 'contrail' and then flashes just before disappearing....my first thought was 'this is a classic CGI signature'. CGI makers just can't seem to resist adding those disappearance flashes. The original may well be just one contrail....but I think its been added to.
A setting sun should lit any flying object from below, but magically the objects in the video are illuminated from the top. Hilarious!