UFO seen of feed form ISS (suspect reflection)


I have been sent this from a usuley quite senciable friend who insists that there is more here than just a refelction.

the original link was to an article in the daily express ( http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/658967/NASA-space-station-live-feed-UFO-hovers-Earth-ISS-Aliens) witch I dismissed out of hand but she said it was going around and had been promoted by "prominent members of Anon" so I searched out an original Youtube video to see what was happening (note I have not listened to the cometary as all I was interested in was the video of what was happening not the inane rambling of a conspiracy theorist)

From this I have a few questions that I was wandering if you could help me with as I have no expertise in video analysis and no time to look into it but I know the sort of thing that might be needed to look for.

1) Does the object really move related to the camera or dose the entire camera move related to the earth. or is the apparent movement related to the light change.

2) dose the objects change in light match the change in lighting as the sun comes up off right of the screen and the earth below change in brightness. if so why dose the object fade (I suspect it is a light artefact light a lens flare or a sun-dog and so it is only visible when the light has a certain angle)

3) Does the objects pattern match anything else in the picture (like a reflection of part of the earth) or anything known (like the grey blob that was the moon)

the second part of the issue was the obvious conspricy angle here apparently the feed was cut just after and NASA have not made any comment. I saw a response saying that the fred was cut because that camera was coming into direct sunlight and so would be whitened out. but the counter claim to that was that there was no evidence of the sun just about to be in the picture. so the obvious questions are

1) Does that camera need to be cut with in sunlight/ do they cut it's feed on a regular basis and was this a planed cut or is there some other known explanation

2) Does NASA ever respond to this sort of anomaly hunting ramblings or do they just think this is beneath them? (my personal thought is they do not degnifie this with a response) and if so have they in this case?

3) do you know if this is in fact being promoted by anybody other than the usual UFO conspiracy pepole

thanks for your expert help here

(mods feel free to corect my paling grammar spelling or inability to embed and link correctly)
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It's an internal lens reflection. It's a reflection of the sun moving over a curved surface somewhere on the space station. There's a secondary reflection to the right of it.

Compare the speed with which it moved to the speed of the shadows and lens flare diagonally opposite it.

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thank you mick that is exerlant I had got as far as it was a refelction moveing up an object but now you point them out I can see the sencon refelction and the lensflare that match the progression it makes it clearer