UFO in slo-mo 240 FPS, Whats that?


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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW6mlfTHw1k

What: Zooming blob from left center-edge to top right corner, across the food station, comes in at around 0:14/0:15

Where: Costa Rica Mountains, Restaurant "Mirador Valle de General"

When: 6PM, 18:00, June 4th 2021

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S10+, 240 FPS

Infos: I found this video on reddit. User was puzzled about this zooming thing in the background.

I personally believe it's a bug, between the bird and the camera. I noticed a starting movement of the camera from right to left when the object comes into view.

The movement of the camera seems to roughly mirror the trajectory of the bug (i scrubbed back and forth and used the stabilized name tag as orientation). Therefore I believe the bug was almost stationary and the movement is 90% due to parallax.

The bug seems to disappear behind the food station, i think it doesnt really disappear but gets "outshined" by the bright light of the sky / sun coming from behind the food station creating the illusion of it disappearing. The same effect is observed when the bug is in front of the bright sky in the upper right quarter of the video.

I know too less about cameras to have an explanation for the "contrails" but i would guess thats some artifact / smearing resulting as a result of the 240 fps and the bright light?

I was also briefly thinking about a spider web thread and shadow / light effects.

User heard no gun shots and isnt aware of any shooting or missile tests going on there.

Whats your take?
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Mick West

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Looks like a bug to me.

Seems to go behind the feeder, but impossible to tell for sure.

The dark trail seems like the only odd thing. There is a faint echo of the wings, It's possible it's slowed down more with frame blending.

More video in the same situation, with the same camera and settings, would be the obvious test here.


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