UFO caught on doorbell cam. Fireworks? Insect?


This doorbell camera footage from April 27 was posted by someone in the Netherlands on the "Ufomeldpunt" (original post here: https://www.ufomeldpunt.nl/melding/10770-ufo-met-vreemd-pad-door-de-lucht). From 0:10 onwards you can see what looks like some sort of "spark" flying across the sky:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQV1xV7PGOw

What do you think of this? My first impression was a digital fake, because to me it looks like someone moving their cursor across the screen, with some kind of "particles" effect added to it. However, the original poster stresses that the footage has not been tampered with, and I see no reason to disbelieve them.

So what else could this be? Fireworks would seem an option (although no sound was heard), but one of the comments suggests it could be an insect flying by, with the "particle" effect being merely a camera artefact. This sounds plausible to me: note how the individual particles in the object's "tail" do not seem to move along with the object itself, but stay in the same location before fading out; this is especially apparent around 0:12-0:14. This could indeed mean the tail is simply an afterimage; perhaps something to do with IR light?

Does similar footage exist which corroborates this explanation? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.
The linked original post provides the exact location of the camera, the environment of which is on Google Street View. Note that the doorbell fisheye camera has a much wider field of view than the screenshot below. As the object was not obscured by the top of the building in the middle and the tree in the front of it, it is almost certain that the object passed close to the camera and therefore was very small.
Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 10.24.56.png
I scaled the StreetView image to match the ring doorbell image as best as possible. The object passes above the chimney from the perspective of the doorbell footage, but it definitely goes in front of the tree.

Probably just a bug.

The timestamp is frozen at the bottom of the video, but this is standard for what seems like most of the Ring Doorbell models. I viewed other footage of innocuous videos on YouTube where the timestamp doesn't move. I believe it only timestamps from the start of motion detection or doorbell button push. Probably a feature to save battery life.

It looks exactly like a small insect very close to the camera, brightly lit by the IR lights on the camera.

Does similar footage exist which corroborates this explanation?

Right in this video, we see the evidence of strong compression with frame-to-frame persistence. So the trail is simply an artifact.



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