UARS satellite re-entry video hoax or mistake?

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
There are videos circulating on yourtube claiming to show the recent re-entry of the satellite over Canada:

But wait, it may be just a copy of a video from Oklahoma, some chatter here

Looks like the original source of the video, from OKC @2130 last night, Sept. 23rd:

The speed of the lights looks way too slow to be a re-entry.

Mick West

Staff member
That's a terrible video. Just seems to show some street lights.

Just goes to show how eager the media are to snap up anything when they are on a feeding frenzy.

Hmm, the little lights in the background seem to be not moving at all.

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
Take me back to 1967. I was a big science fiction reader when I was a youngster, and interested in UFO's. I actually bought REAL UFO BOOKS with some hard-earned money. One showed some hoaxers who made lanterns from plastic garment bags from the dry cleaners held open by soda straws. Mine worked ok in the house using 2 birthday cake candles. my mom was impressed as it rose to the ceiling. I thought, wait till tonight......

Seeking a more powerful heat source, I replaced the candles with an aluminum foil cup filled with model airplane glue.
Out in the front yard, the liftoff was great, straight up, but just as it reached the top of our second story and began clearing the roof, a gust of wind collapsed the bag and the whole flaming mass came right down on the roof.

Remember, it was 1967, riots, hippies, the Weather Underground bombings. It didn't help that I had written to Cuba for a shortwave radio QSL card and ended up getting a letter from castro asking me to join his revolution, which my parents intercepted before I saw it. The handwriting was on the wall, I was in BIG TrOUBLE.

A nosy neighbor happened to see the whole thing and immediately called the fire department and claimed I had firebombed the house. I did go tell my father who was entertaining friends and quite embarrassed, he came out and actually managed to use a garden hose to out the fire, but the Fire Department did arrive sirens blaring. They went up on a ladder and gathered the incriminating evidence.

First, I got the 'strap', then some other punishments, and eventually had to face the Fire Chief in his office holding the evidence and asking for a full explanation. He had a wry smile, but did assign me to write a large paper on what I had done wrong and general fire safety.

Well, I turned out all right. When my mother passed away, I found she had kept all that stuff, even the letter from Cuba, and a copy of my letters to the FBI and my Congressman assuring them that I was actually NOT interested at 12 years old in being a Cuban Revolutionary, I just liked shortwave radios and UFO's.....and lighting stuff on fire.
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