U.S. conspiracy theories shared by Norway killer

Mick West

Staff member
Very interesting article about the "cultural marxism" mainstream conspiracy theory, some facets of which extend to include chemtrails.


"Fifteen or 20 years ago, these issues never would have entered the mainstream dialogue," Barkun said. "That's because the mainstream media censored things that had no discernible evidence behind them."

Conspiracy theorists say that there is overwhelming evidence to support their views. Thanks to the Internet and cable television, more people than ever are exposed to such ideas. Those seeking specifics no longer have to search out obscure, mimeographed pamphlets. And there's a phenomenon of crossover networks, with those who believe one theory discovering claims of other plots on their virtual crusades.

The resulting critical mass has resulted in the mainstream media increasingly following stories – like the Obama birthplace issue – that once would have been ignored.

That's gratifying to people like Huntington Beach's Barbara Coe, an illegal immigration activist who believes that Obama was foreign-born, that there is a Marxist takeover afoot, that radical Islam is infiltrating the government, that radical Muslims and Latinos want to kill Americans, and that the government is putting poison in jet-fuel systems as part of a "chemtrails" effort to poison the country from the skies above.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is part of the New World Order plan to destroy America," says Coe, whose daily emails to a growing list of several thousand like-minded recipients include updates on a number of reputed conspiracies. "But we have made tremendous progress in waking up many, many people."

While Coe shares some of the concerns expressed by Breivik, she said she and her allies don't advocate violence except in self-defense.

"It's obvious he was deranged," Coe said, making a distinction between Breivik and her colleagues. "I do not feel uncomfortable that any of the people I know would do this. But I can't give you a guarantee. I have to assume the possibility exists, as do a million others."
I tried this morning to find a searchable version of Brievik's manifesto to check out his beliefs about chemtrails. It's not honest to link him to others or vice/versa if there is no evidence he was a chemtrails believer. If anyone finds out, I'd like to know.
Brievik does not mention chemtrails, and I doubt he believes in them. It's the cultural marxism conspiracy that's the connection. The american, Coe, is the chemtrail believer.