Two distant orbs on ring camera


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MUFON - 2022-01-23 - Location: Beaworthy, UK - Case 120490
Observed two orbs flying for 14 seconds on my Ring Camera at 3am. The objects can be seen to move fast, erratically and in unison

At 0:11 you can see an insect flying near the camera in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The two synchronized lights in the distance don't seem to be insects.

Could they be a spider's web reflecting in IR? If so they seem to be more distant than the insect as they are in focus whereas the insect is not.

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Ann K

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They're distinctly "fluttering", so referring to them as orbs is probably incorrect. Courtship of moths/birds/bats is possible, although it may be too early in the year to expect that. How's your weather been?


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We don't even know what this scene looks like by day.
I'm unable to confirm these are 'orbs' or even two separate objects.
There are stationary bright dots in other parts of the scene.


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If you look by the the right of the path at 10/14 seconds (scrub the timeline up and down between 10 and 14 as it is really hard to see) you can see 2 more (fainter) lights that follow the same path so it could be a spider web string with stuff caught in it reflecting the IR.


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might be a reflection?
Yeah that's possible as well. Needs more analysis, could still be a reflection of objects caught in a web, or moth courtship. We can see another insect in the video so it was warm enough for them.

I really need a copy of After Effects but you don't get it in my Adobe package.

The second lights only seem to show up when the main light switches on, I assume at that point get go from IR illuminator to IR + some sort of external visible light flood light as well. If they are reflections this could be evidence they are close to the camera and not emitting their own light as the reflections appear only when more light is added.
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