Twitter is banning accounts linked to QAnon conspiracy


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Twitter is banning accounts linked to QAnon conspiracy; what effect do people think this will have on the conspiracy in general? Considering how this has worked out for conspiracies like David Ike I think this will make the follows even more hardcore.

I would also be interested to know what QAnon'ers make of trumps comments on Ghislaine Maxwell "I wish her well" . I also find it hard to believe that the president doesn't know what the situation is with the Epstein scandal and prince Andrew. I find it interesting that people who believe in the theory often use photos of Epstein with various famous people they implicate in the conspiracy but seem to overlook the photo of trump with Epstein and Maxwell.
I've been banned from twitter numerous times. It just tells me I'm right, and that what I'm saying is what the el-ites don't want people to know. Especially on topics I know the official sources lie about repeatedly. I just avoid talking the "trigger topics" on twitter and instead just use /r/conspiracy on reddit, or other platforms. Never been into qanon though since it's kinda a psy-op.