Truth and lies: Conspiracy theories are running rampant thanks to modern technology

Mick West

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Interesting article in The Independent:

There are several reasons why conspiracy theories are increasing. Mainly it is because the internet has made it easy to propagate rumour and supposition on a global scale. Social networking sites allow conspiracy theorists to seek out and link with like-minded individuals. Whereas past conspiracies, like those surrounding the death of JFK, took years to formulate and disseminate, today's conspiracies develop almost organically. Immediately after 9/11, the internet was abuzz with individual voices questioning the official version of events. These nebulous ideas were able to crystallise as theorists discussed and developed their ideas and formed into a set of theories adopted by groups such as the 9/11 Truth Movement.

People interested in conspiracy also have access to vast online depositories of reference material which can be selectively edited to support an idea. Mobiles with in-built video cameras allow footage of events to be uploaded to YouTube instantly. Video sharing and easily-edited visual content has meant those interested in conspiracies are getting younger and, as such, are a more impressionable audience. Interest in conspiracy has developed into a counter-cultural youth movement.

Bartlett explains: "You still get the old-school anorak conspiracy theorist who spends a lot of time poring over journals looking for tiny anomalies. But you also have the student types who think it is cool to be anti-government, anti-US or anti-imperialist. Then you have a large number of young people from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds who haven't looked into any evidence but accept conspiracies because they hold the belief that the government is corrupt."

This kind of gels with The Great Derangement, there seems to be a whole new generation of kids in the last decade who blindly accept every conspiracy theory that comes along.


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...and even though that is a "new" article, they still mention the debunked KSLA story...
In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature.


It only gets worse... Chemtrails are designed to support an Alien Agenda.

"Even if world governments are keeping a silence of the dead around discussion
of chemtrailing and even actively denying that it even exists, that all who claim
to see it are psychotics under some sort of mass-hallucination (do photographs
lie ?), what would we notice, that might give the lie to governmental lying ?
Would, say, attempts be proceeding to develop aluminum-resistant plants,
perhaps even animals ? Yes, such developmental projects are being pushed at
high speed right now, (see the references at end of this article).
Are these developments to our benefit, or to those intending to replace us ?
Answer : As we and our present-day plants and animals will definitely be killed
off by the aluminum, we certainly are not the beneficiaries of this. Others are.
Only if our world governments, becoming daily more intolerant towards those
they are robbing of pension- and medical-benefits and even mere decent wages,
acting like we are just a nuisance to some agenda of their own, are under the
control of those aliens from Somewhere who are currently Alien-forming Earth,
do all these phenomena we are witnessing today make sense : We are being
replaced by something else, and our governments are under the control of those
who are doing this and are doing it for them, not for us."