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Well for starters, I don't believe there is a city called Santa Fe, California. There's Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County & Santa Fe Springs in LA County (which I have trouble believing EVER had clear blue skies).

I haven't gotten very far in reading this yet but I think this will make me very angry too, HappyMonday.

Mick West

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Things like this:

This was the moving comment of Bert Cather, who has lived under intense chemtrail aerosol spraying in Santa Fe, California for around 10 years.
“I’ve always been someone who watched the sky,” he says. “It was something that gave me energy. No matter how bad my day was going, I could get outside and look at the beautiful deep blue sky and white fluffy clouds and I’d feel better again.”
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Are a little odd to someone who's lived in Southern California for a while. The sky here is generally blue and empty of clouds. As it is today. "white fluffy clouds" are very rare, and you only get them when around rain. This is how it's always been. Here's the sky here from five minutes ago. This is what it's usually like

It seems almost like a storybook memory. Like they are remembering pictures from a storybook, rather than reality.
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It recommends diatomaceous earth as a therapy. From Wikipedia:

wikipedia said:
The typical chemical composition of oven-dried diatomaceous earth is 80 to 90% silica, with 2 to 4% alumina

So, John Board, DipCAH PNLP C.HT. first says that people are being harmed by aluminum, then he recommends that people EAT a substance high in aluminum?

Seems like John Board, DipCAH PNLP C.HT. mightneed to reevaluate all those acronms, whatever they are, which he puts behind his name.....


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Are a little odd to someone who's lived in Southern California for a while. The sky here is generally blue and empty of clouds. As it is today. "white fluffy clouds" are very rare, and you only get them when around rain. This is how it's always been.

I lived and worked in Orange County for a while before coming to Florida, and that was my experience as well. Monotonously blue skies, except during the rainy season and "June Gloom".
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