The Wrong Colored Backpack


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This is the bag before and immediately after the explosion.

These images were released at the same time as the above FBI image. Unfortunately, the immediately after images have been redacted at the site of the explosion.
Does anyone have the original?

[edit: The bag we are tracking is blown to the bottom right.]
I rarely venture into this part of the forum, but surely the circle on the "before" images is in the wrong place here?

The bomb was placed on the metal grating around the tree to the left and behind the fence.

The white bag on the ground at the bottom of the fence isn't related as far as I know.


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Just for reference, Tsarnaev supporters are still banging the "wrong backpack" drum...

Taken from The Metro. Click here for link.

Unfortunately, I did not know they'd be there nor would have been able to make it there; I work. It does look like one person debated them, though. Or at least tried.


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There is loose filth on the screen AND there are white spots burned into the image on the interviewer's camera image caused by overloading the imaging device because bright reflective objects often do that in digital photos. That's what I see and that's what I recognized right away. Dzhokhar has an overload flare behind him in the exact spot his white backpack would be if he was running and consistent with where he was carrying it in the other photos. The flare is consistent with the flares caused by white objects on other people's clothing AND white trash on the ground in the original. The flare behind him is just as much an overload flare as the other overload flares and not a piece of dirt on the outside of the camera like has been already pointed out. Anything originally white in the image on the held up iphone has been flared on the image the interviewer took.

That's my honest opinion of the image I am seeing. If you people can't see the difference then I can't help you. I left the discussion because I saw it (expectedly) go else where as a diversion from the actual image. I'm not gonna be rolled off into the weeds. NoParty, you don't see the flare as a flare so your assumption is meaningless. I can't give the answer you want and I sure as hell don't feel as though I have been "foiled" or "debunked". Dirt and fingerprints is NOT camera CCD flaring and vice-versa. Maybe y'all need glasses or a better monitor.

This tiny topic is only one of many obvious discrepancies and debunked official stories around this event.

Have a nice day, nothing to see move along people!

Engonoceras, just wondering if what happened in court today
("It was him"--Dzhokhar's lawyer) would lead you to re-evaluate... (?)
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