The Weak the followers the brainless..



Dear MikeC ... Sir are you really that much of an egomaniacal Recap repuke that you are as mentally blind as you are blind .. any fool with even half there working gray matter knows full well what is nomal everyday flight tarffic and what is NOT ! everyone that is except you and your cronnies take your skull out of your hole before someone tiers of you and gives you something that will surely wake you up , like a bitch slap across your condescending face then lets see how long that lasts for... yours truly Mike L

Ross Marsden

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Hello Mike L,
Nice ad hom attack. Good one!
Hey, for the benefit of Mike C and his cronnies [sic], could you tell us how any fool knows what normal everyday flight traffic is? How does he know that, or find out what it is?


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Dang, and here was me thinking that working in aviation for 36 years, mainly with and related to airlines, actually helped me understand the complexities of the industry.

I didn't realise that it was actually holding me back and that every man and his dog knew everything there was to know already without actually having to think about it!

Golly I feel like such a fool now!