THE UNITED NATIONS & Dyncorp Human Trafficking Cover Up

There are a number of conspiracy theories related to the UN, one of which involves DynCorp and human trafficking. Below is an article about the true life story of a decorated police officer from Nebraska (Kathryn Bolkovac) who signed up for UN work overseas in Bosnia and who end up being fired by DynCorp for supposedly falsifying her time records after she had begun exposing corrupt UN officials participating in human trafficking.

The Conspiracy: International corporation DynCorp engages in Human Trafficking and gets assistance/cooperation from UNIT NATIONS officials. How is this conspiracy theory? It relates to the controlled media and how this kind of horror story about under-aged girls and human trafficking is kept under reported even though it should easily best some of the more fluffy news pieces that sometimes dominate the news scene for day. Instead we see bunk/junk about celebrities, how this athlete has finally found the courage to share their sexual preference with the rest of the world.
Sure you'll find something about this on the back page of the afternoon edition of some seldom read rag but that’s about it. Yes the link below is from a major news outlet but that doesn't change the fact that this kind of horror that is bad PR for corporations and the UN just somehow manages to not make the prime time news.

Mick West

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Yet again there's talk of a cover up of something that was extensively reported in the news. Just because something is not on the CBS evening news, does not mean it's being covered up.

2002 (Associated Press)

And many more.
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