The Sun Under The Horizon? [not horizon just a cloud layer]

Pete Tar

Senior Member.
'under horizon'? He's just moving over the horizon point (which depends on the where the observer is), which recedes to expose the sun, demonstrating a spherical earth. Why wouldn't it be?
Hang on, you mean the cloud layer? You think that is the horizon?


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Sun is probably at the horizon and is in the camera merging with a reflection (against a water surface?). Difficult to tell, because the camera is overexposed and over saturated, so the exact position of both the sun and its reflection is hard to determine.
Bringing this up as a claim for the flat earth model is rather curious anyway, because if this really was the sun below the helicopter then the helicopter should be more than 3000 mi high, or what?


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Yes, isn't one of the central tenets of the flat earth theory that the sun never goes below the horizon, it just gets further away and perspective something something vanishing point? o_O
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