The Evolutions of Official Statements Regarding The Navy UFO Videos and UAP Investigations

Mick West

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The three US Navy videos that were publicized in December 2017 are partly an object of fascination because the military (specifically the Navy) refuses to get into any detail about them beyond simple details about when they were taken. More interesting questions almost invariably result in some kind of "no comment" response. Maybe people have tried to get more information, but with mostly small incremental clarifications being the only result, if any. I've tried myself. It's an interesting dance, as the Navy spokespeople are restricted in what they can tell you, but it's also their job to provide information.

I thought it might be useful to collate the various statements from the Navy spokespeople, see how they have changed over time, and try discern what actual information they contain.

[This is a work in progress. ]

There have been two named spokespersons, Joseph Gradisher and Sue Gough.

April 25, 2019

May 1, 2019
May 26 2019

MARCH 23, 2020 (Gough no response)

April 27 2020

May 18 2020
Sept 2, 2020
My Correspondence, referencing Q 6 and 7 from Glassel
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