The Dimming - New Documentary From Dane Wigington

Mick West

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This video gets the "chemtrails exemption" for a single claim of evidence.

I don't have time right now, but if anyone watches it, let me know where the new stuff is.

A brief scan through the timeline shows the usual stuff, in particular I noticed what looked like the bizarre claim that High Bypass Jet Engines can't make contrails, when they actually make more contrails. Explained here, seven years ago:

M Bornong

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A year ago, we were promised atmospheric testing that would provide conclusive proof we were not seeing condensation.


They flew a turbo-prop to between 17,000-20,000 ft. and sampled a cloud layer.


What did they find? Dust, condensation nuclei.


Later in the video, they fly a learjet into condensation trails. Using a particle meter, they found a few unidentified nano-particles coming through the vents of the bleed air system.



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I have identified the unnamed geomicrobiologist performing the measurements as Yuri Gorby who is (or used to be) an assistant professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

He's an actual scientist with an impressive publication record (see
But apparently he has fallen for the chemtrail theory, as indicated by his comments at Dane's site.
Although as a scientist, he should know that his measurements presented in this movie do not prove anything, other than the fact that there is mineral dust in the air, which is hardly a new finding.
The movie does not present any actual quantitative data, people look at screens and mention the compositions of a few particles they see in the electron microscope. It doesn't appear that number concentrations of particles were measured. Also, they seem to just randomly select particles without doing any systematic analysis. Very unscientific.
Perhaps we should contact dr. Gorby and ask him a few questions.


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OK so when they fly in the learjet and sample the air from the vent they used a TSI P-Trak instrument which measures the number concentration of particles of 20 to 1000 nm. BTW nanoparticles are <100 nm by definition, so this instrument doesn't only measure nanoparticles. It measures ultrafine particles, also called PM0.1​

As the screenshot below shows they measure around 1700 ultrafine particles per cubic centimeter.
There are no standards about the ultrafine particle number concentration, but this page says that for indoor air quality (IAQ)
So apparently they had excellent air quality in that cabin, with quite a low number of ultrafine particles.



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Did they also sample air away from flight paths? A standalone reading means nothing without something to compare it to.


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Did they also sample air away from flight paths? A standalone reading means nothing without something to compare it to.
Gorby said that the particle numbers were lower below and above the contrail layer than within the layer. But no actual numbers were named or shown.
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