The 747 SuperTanker is back - fighting Cal. wildfires


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It looks like the ex-Evergreen plane finally has its great moment.



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One interesting aside. That is, or so I have been lead to believe, the largest flying tanker in the world. Yet it appears to dump its entire load in around 10 seconds. Put the whole jets laying a horizon to horizon 'chemtrail' into context.

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I caught the Global Super Tanker (GST944) on Flightradar24 during one of it's first deployments in California, This was the Ponderosa Fire. August 31, 2017.



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They did something similar during the Sand fire in 2017. I think it was the DC-10 they deployed during that one but they also had the smaller prop-driven Canadian droppers in the mix. It took a bit to figure out what was happening, but the spotter planes would circle the fire for 20-30 minutes, but then would suddenly head towards Van Nuys (where the Poland’s were reloading) and then turn around and lead the big guy onto the target. The press at the time indicated that the spotter was taking direction from the ground crews, combined with their own high level view to try to determine the best path for the huge Phos-Chek dumps.

This was happening anywhere from a mile to 5 from my house and the suppression effect on the fire line was astounding. Our local mountains were pink for nearly 6 months.


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to try to determine the best path for the huge Phos-Chek dumps.
I was going to ask what the red stuff actually is, so thanks for that.

Attapulgus clay is an magnesium/aluminium silicate, so they're actually dropping aluminium compounds to suppress fires, not to accelerate them, as the conspiracy theorists would have it.

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