That recent conversation about Zero Point energy


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Not sure about you folks, but I get people occasionally trying to explain some new zero point energy whatever to me.


Its gotten to the point where I just ask them what zero point energy is, when they inevitably answer wrong, I tend to ask them about what they know about quantum systems. Works like a charm every time.

Unfortunately the last cat to ask about this kinda thing thought he was pretty slick to include the Casimir effect in the whole show. So naturally I asked him what the Casimir effect was.

In the end I typically get asked to go "look it up" and see for myself. "oh I did" is usually my answer.

Anyway latest conversation was with a friend who's typically got some new gimmick about once a week. I think he's starting to get mad at me :)

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All they have to do is demonstrate one running unplugged. The lack of a convincing demonstration free of possible fakers is strong evidence it does not work.


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So naturally I asked him what the Casimir effect was.
It's a way of creating "anti-gravity". You just need to spin a large area of Casimir vacuum gap distributed concentrically within a rapidly spinning drum, and shine radiation through the half of it (via the ends) as it spins.

An out-of-balance force is generated radially outward on the side filled with light. This turns on and off with the light.

Three such Casimir motors will propel you in any axis you desire. Three extra small ones will give you roll, pitch and yaw.

Of course, the motors DO have to spin very rapidly, and the force generated is rather weak.

Get spinning... LOL

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