I am interested in ending the chemtrail discussion. I am looking for the name of a company that rents planes for aerial testing. I am currently in contact with several adamant believers in chemtrails. I feel that if I can get enough of them to organize, they can get publicity and use a big name celeb like Alex Jones or Jeff Rense to help fund this. Once they take the tests, they can be analyzed and the results can be published. If anyone knows of a testing facility that could do this test, please post it.


Mick West

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You could try Weather Modification Inc:


But I think the first step would be to actually discuss the methodology you plan to use. How will you know you are not wasting a flight? How are you going to identify the trail to be tested? What will you test for? What will be the controls? Will one flight be sufficient? What if it comes back negative, will that actually "end" the chemtrail discussion?

You could also consider a cheaper DIY approach with balloons:


Ross Marsden

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And what if the testing 'plane is observed to start making a "chemtrail"?
What will be your conclusion from that observation?


I think you may be putting the cart before the horse here.....
Despite what you may have been told, the contrails you see are almst certainly made by commercial jets which are easily identified by any of the flight tracking websites on the web. here is just one example:

Here is a guide to the hobby of planespotting with some informative links to help identify the planes by type and decipher tail numbers:

Since aircraft and traffic control also transmit information by radio, some planespotters also use scanners to help in ID'ing the planes they see.

But don't stop there. Should you then conclude that the commercial jets are spraying, document the exact identity of the planes using telescopic photography like these hobbyists are doing:

Here is an example of how to do it:

Here is an example of the equipment:

As you can see here, sufficient resolution is available to see the aircraft identification numbers:

This page shows US Air Force jets up to 38,000 ft in which the tail numbers are visible:

Lastly, ask yourself why, in the 14 year history of this hoax, the main promoters such as Michael J. Murphy have not told their followers about this method of solving the "conundrum" they have started..........

Jay Reynolds