Terry Robinson's "Oahu seen from Kauai" videos


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A YouTuber named Terry Robinson has a "Flat Earth Proof" based on seeing Oahu from Kauai. I checked and didn't find any threads on this yet.

Was hoping to collect and consolidate a sound 'debunking' of these videos here. I saw a very good analysis of this once and now I cannot find it.

Feb 28, 2016 video

First of all, he seems to have video from two locations:

#1 is near Wailua River Over which seems to be at 22.046347° -159.354560° (I could be wrong but pretty sure I found the exact telephone pole and street sign from his video matching up this location, I could NOT match the picnic table however so there is room for doubt. But he said this was 200' and I found it to be ~197 feet.

I found this location to be ~80 miles from the Kaena Point area (along Satellite Tracking Station Road), ~80.7 miles from a 1907' peak, and ~86.3 miles from Mount Ka'ala peak (4026') on Oahu. The 108 miles seems to be center to center which an obvious error since that wasn't the observation made.

The Hidden height for these locations are 2157'-2631' / 2207'-2690' / 2622'-3185' giving the range as between 'Standard Refraction' and raw Hidden with no refraction.

The Tilt angle is 1.249 degrees, undetectable at this distance which presents no issue, of course.

#2 is at ~150' elevation near Linhue airport, don't have exact location so haven't focused on this location yet. But it does show less of Oahu by the amount we would expect from a 50' drop in observer height.

I don't see anything that seems difficult to explain here -- next step I would like to get some elevation estimates for various places along the horizon view just to line things up.

Here are some images to get started with...

Oahu_SRTM.JPG oahu-from-kauai-video-snap-1.jpg oahu-from-kauai-google-earth-overview.png peakfinder.png

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From the 200 ft viewpoint, you can see the top of Mt Ka'ala

You can see more than the Google Earth view because of refraction, a lot of the "extra" is distorted. But really the important thing here is not so much what is visible, but what is hidden. If the word were flat then you would be able to see about twice as much. (drag slider)