Temple mount UFO debunked

Mick West

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And note to future fakers, if you are going to just video your monitor screen, then don't put a 1080p version of it on youtube. You can see the pixels:

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We made a better fake just for fun (at the time) with cars travelling on the roads in the BG to show how easily it could be done (Adobe after effects) Our UFO was better...


That pixilated video from the monitor is only one of 5. How do you explain the other 4, all shot from different sides of the temple mount?


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They were all demonstrated to be fakes at the time. Not sure if any of the videos remain on YT as this is very old and entirely debunked history now...?


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Thanks for this. I always thought that it seemed too contrived. I see it's getting legs on GLP this week again in one of their threads.


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Because over at Reddit they are convincing each other again this was real, I wanted to link the link from OP. But, it is gone. Someone perhaps know another link to the debunking done?

PS, I also do not all the content using waybackmachine..


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Someone perhaps know another link to the debunking done?
Second this request-- or does anybody have a moment to give a quick rundown? I recall seeing the videos the first time (I think it was the first time, first time to me, anyway, EDIT TO ADD --looking at the date Mick started the thread, they obviously had been around for some time before I saw them posted as new video!) that they came around, and it looked to me like drones If they were demonstrably something else, knowing that would be useful so IL don't give a false debunk to folks!


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That first post (from 2011) is a prime example of why we have the "no click" link policy now.
Also worth noting that I've seen the Tenple Mount UFO vids shared as exciting new sightings since 2019 (since COVID lockdown) so when presented with "new" claims it is worth looking through the back catalogue here as it may not be as new as somebody claims ..