Sudden Stratospheric Warming- No Reason to Blame Chemtrails

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Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S

Much more on this event at this link:

The stratospheric warming event which portends possibly colder weather for several weeks is a well known phenomenon, first described in the
, so this s not something new, unexplainable, or exceptional.

Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S
Published: January 18th, 2013
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An unusual event playing out high in the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle is setting the stage for what could be weeks upon weeks of frigid cold across wide swaths of the U.S., having already helped to bring cold and snowy weather to parts of Europe.

Forecast high temperatures on Monday, Jan. 21, from the GFS computer model.
Click to enlarge the image. Credit: Weatherbell
This phenomenon, known as a “sudden stratospheric warming event,” started on Jan. 6, but is something that is just beginning to have an effect on weather patterns across North America and Europe.

While the physics behind sudden stratospheric warming events are complicated, their implications are not: such events are often harbingers of colder weather in North America and Eurasia. The ongoing event favors colder and possibly stormier weather for as long as four to eight weeks after the event, meaning that after a mild start to the winter, the rest of this month and February could bring the coldest weather of the winter season to parts of the U.S., along with a heightened chance of snow.

Specifically for those of us in the southern US but the US in general as well, this video explains the result:

The event has already been affecting the UK:

Here is a more technical video explanation:

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