Structured Oxygenated water


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This company sells that snake oil, I mean oxygenated water "Angel Fire Water"

Check out this load of pseudoscience jibberish

[website is gone, heres archive]

Hydration Test Results
Test results were using the BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analyzer) machine to test cellular hydration and various electrical measurements of cellular health and function. The test was conducted at a major research facility in Los Angeles, CA. on March 7, 2003. Recordings were made at 11 min., 14min., and 22 min. after drinking 1 liter of Angel Fire Water.
A summary of the results are as follows:
The higher the number or % the better, except where indicated.
Phase angle increased from 6.8 to 7.1 This is a large amount. Phase angle is a measurement of the integrity of all the cell membranes in your body.
Impedance increased from 1343.5 to 1407 This is a large amount of change. Impedance is another electrical measurement of cellular health.
Capacitance increased from 840 to 870 This is a significant amount. Capacitance is the measurement of the cell to store an electrical charge. It is a very important factor in cell health.
Reactance increased from 53 to 56. This is a very large % change indicating that the conductivity inside the cell increased.
Intracellular water increased from 60.0 % to 61% by weight. This is a significant increase showing that cellular hydration improved dramatically.
Extracellular water decreased from 40.0% to 39.0% - The lower the % the better.
Total body water decreased from 56.1% to 55.9% This is a small % change.
Intracellular water in liters increased from 34.2 liters to 34.6 liters
Extracellular water in liters decreased from 22.8 liters to 22.2 liters – The lower number is better.
Total body water in liters decreased from 57.0 to 56.8 liters. This is a small % change. Since the intracellular water increased by 1% and the extracellular water decreased by 1% the decrease in total body water is showing that the body is detoxing and stimulating the flushing out process though the kidneys.
Body cell mass increased from 36.9% to 37.3% by weight. This shows that the cells became more hydrated and therefore have more mass. This is a very healthy change.
Extracellular mass decreased from 39.8% to 39.2% by weight – The lower the % the better. This is a significant change and shows the body is detoxing.
The test results clearly show a dynamic movement of water from around the cells to inside the cells and an increase in all of the electrical measurements of the cells. Quite interestingly, there was also an increase in the body cell mass, and a decrease in extracellular mass. This test shows a dramatic and very fast ( with in 22 min.) change in cellular hydration and an equally large positive change in all the electrical measurements that are used to measure cell health. I am personally very excited about using this very special super structured and oxygenated water to improve health and wellness at the cell level, for both myself, my wife, and my patients.

Dr. Allan Sachey
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Mick West

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Hmm, looks like a rip-off of several other scam waters. Kind of like those cheap power-balance rip-offs.

I'm sure it works just as well though.

These types of scams actually are slightly harmful - in that they are taking money away from people. $36 for 12 bottles of essentially tap water. Not it's easy to debunk the science - but how do you actually get it out there so people don't buy the water?

Snake oil will be with us forever, unfortunately.

Although.... the FDA could perhaps have a broader mandate there.


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A few years ago, I made a blog posting about them. Not long afterwards, I saw a missed call on my phone, and did not recognize the number. It was them, I was actually living in the same town at the time.

Ross Marsden

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I notice from the illustration that the rotation is counter-clockwise. I suppose that was photo was taken somewhere in the US (maybe Asia), so cyclonic. I hope there is a switch under there for us southern hemisphere gullables so that we can enjoy the effects of the "swirling vortexes" in the right direction! Otherwise I will be raising the BS flag.

Terry Henderson

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All posts here are conjecture [...] Have any of you tried this water? Did you know he was doing this before almost all others? No [...]. I used it for many many years and it will change you body! It will detox you as well as oxygenate you (yes oxygenate!) It doe s what is needed to get the oxygen into your system unlike most others. I have tested it with hospital oxygen type testing devices and you can see it with your own eyes, your blood oxygen go up. I owned a fitness center for a while in the mountains and people would come in sick with altitude sickness but after two bottles they were good and feeling great. You can actually get the tingles when your body is screaming for oxygen. So, try this instead of bashing it. In this case you are way off base!
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Terry Henderson

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Yes we tested plain water. zero effect on oxygenation... Like I mentioned yes, most oxygenated water doesn't do anything. But his does. You know immediately upon using it. I dare people to try 3 bottles. Then post a reaction.


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Actually, the added oxygen in a bottle of "oxygenated" water is about as much as you can breathe in with one breath. And most of it just escapes as bubbles before you drink it. Hardly enough to cause a measurable change in your blood oxygen level.

Terry Henderson

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No, I used it for 10 years and know what it did for me... say what you want that counts too. Have you tried it or just go after stuff arbitrarily?