Strange Row of Lights Under a Plane?

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That might have been an ad plane. When they're not directly overhead you can't see the message display very well. You just see the side of the display. Ad planes are rare these days. They were all over the place in the 70's. And they had a different design with bare light bulbs just hanging down from a wire frame, which made them much more noticeable from edge on. They spawned flying saucer reports galore.

Was there a stadium game or some other outdoor event nearby that it might have been circling over?
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The Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark is only a few mile miles north and a little west of Tinker AFB. I haven't been able to find out if there was a ballgame on Friday night. I do know the OKC Dodgers season is cancelled.


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Hi. Just found your forum, while looking up airplane lights. I saw something last night, that I have never seen before. Maybe someone here can help. We like to sit in our backyard in the evening. About 9:30 last night, I heard a jet going over. Nothing unusual about that, but I casually looked up. The lights on it were very strange. There were no wingtip lights, and there was a row of lights along the belly, from nose to tail. Probably 6 to 8 of them. One close to the center was blinking. Can anyone explain what I saw? New light configuration? Military plane? Thanks.
Hello, 8 X 10. I just saw an airplane traveling East Northeast by my house. It had a row of 6 lights on it's underside. The row of lights was nose to tail and not wing to wing. It had red lights on the wing tips. It was flying fairly low and fairly slow. It could have taken off from Will Rodgers Airport in OKC or from Tinker AFB in Del City. I assume one or the other since it was pretty low. I've seen a lot of aircraft fly over my house or close to my house. It was too large of a plane to have come from our small local airport. I was curious about this plane because I've never seen an aircraft with a row of lights on it's belly. Is this something new? Thanks.