Statement from Michael Mulder of regard claims by Max Bliss

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Mick West

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Michael Mulder asked that I post the following email:

Dear Sir,
Mr. Max Bliss [...] has called me with an anonymous telephone number under false pretense, and recorded our conversation, after which he has put it on youtube. He also links his work on chemtrails to our website

Our research has no connection with chemtrails and I have asked him to remove this conversation from youtube, which he has recorded and placed without my permission. His far fetched statements are not supported by any scientific evidence in connection with contaminated air in jet aircraft. I think he has crossed basic ethic rules of communication by linking my good name to his work on chemtrails, that I do not support.

Is there a way you could help to correct this?

With kind regards,

Michel Mulder, MD
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(edited to remove email address) also has the following statement:
NOTICE: If you have arrived here using a link from another website regarding chemtrails, please be aware that has no connection whatsoever with those websites, and does not endorse any hypotheses put forward by these websites. The link to our website does not have our permission.
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