"spirit orb" in woman's house appears to be dust motes riding air currents

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Source: https://youtu.be/GL7v92fWBC8

Time stamps: 0:40, 0:47, 2:27
Appears that a stream of dust motes wiz by and are lit by her cell phones light giving the false impression of a "glowing orb". At 2:27 one flys into the camera lens and disappears and I'm guessing it's some kind of air current at the back of her somewhere possibly from a fan turning on and off. I've considered the possibility of it being a firefly but it's simply too quick to be a firefly which I understand fireflys to be quite slow. Also firefly's don't emit white-blue light so I've ruled that out.
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These just look like dust motes that are very close to the camera. Within a few inches. They are out-of-focus and the nearby scene is lit with a bright artificial light. You see that lighting the cat's ear bluish. This nearby light illuminates the nearby dust mote
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No need for a fan, just the cat moving around would be enough air current when the motes are only an inch from the lens
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