Sorcha Faal = David Booth = dutchsinse?

Janet D

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Sorcha Faal has the dubious distinction of being a hoaxer who other hoaxers can't take seriously. At least that was true 5 years ago when I first ran across the name, and wow; piece of work. Just read that "Sorcha Faal" may be dutchsinse now, and if anyone can verify that would be cool.


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And his website seems to be down too, but google cache has it from earlier this afternoon, so it came down today

kung fu panda

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Eh...if this is Sorcha Faal's new hoaxer incarnation, he sure does get a lot of hits on all of his various sites ~ http://indianinthemachine.wordpress...haarp-investigator-dutch-sinse-being-stalked/ ~ that's a shame. Curious to know more about this person, who BTW is one of those creepy people who asks for Paypal donations to "fund his research".

lol, indian in the machine, his website is a piece of work, had a few run-ins with him on icke. sylfs eating chemtrails, cloaked 'cloudships' from the galactic federation of light... not forgetting him selling his rather expensive 'ionic foot-baths', ($210), 'magic drums', ($380), and 'antibiotic colloidal silver', ($100)......

Jay Reynolds

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Dutchsinse lost his Youtube account
This dutchsinse fella is having a hard time at youtube, being accused of a con, something related to ginning up fear of storms for a bunker shelter company, and more.

He's also developed a community of tubers against him who say he's not radcial enough!


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There's no pleasing some people. I think they call them conspiracy theorists...

Michael Janich is interesting as a case example of the 'business believer'. We've all seen them, and suspected many more, but these are the chaps who know what they are claiming is not true and yet continue to crank up paranoia to sell their 'cures'. The modern snake-oil peddlers.

I've only just heard about the storm shelter debacle he seems to have been running, but it's his 'haarp ring' theories which got my attention. As you may know he claims that radar records showing circular patterns centred on the sensing stations are glimpses behind the veil of global weather manipulation affected by 'haarp' among other impossible methods. Within his own bio, Janich has an obvious appeal to authority, claiming experience, knowledge and understanding through his father's work in the field of Radar, and more general remote sensing.

As a qualified meteorologist I completed - and was duly examined on - a year of Remote Sensing. Compared to other meteorological subjects, it was like watching oil paint dry, but even 7 years on, I know the basics. So should he. All radar remote sensing includes unavoidable sensing artefacts, echoes, random errors in the software and computation, glitches, miscalibrations, and discontinuities. To suggest he has no other explanation to turn to besides haarp and the NWO leaves only two alternatives: either he knows nothing about radar, or he is purposefully lying.

Either way he disqualifies himself. I just wonder who else is a 'business believer'.
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