Some New-ish WTC7 Photos (and video?) Corner Damage

Mick West

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WTC7 Wide.png

This year ABC7NY published some video that seemed new to me.

The video starts familiarly, with Dr Mark Heath, who got caught up in the WTC1 collapse, and then helped people. But from around 6:20 I don't remember seeing this footage, at least not in this quality.

The top photo I extracted from short bottom to top-pan of WTC at 8:40, then the cameraman zooms in, and pans down, providing a detailed look at the damage to the SW corner, looking at the West face.
WTC7 Close.png

I was able to take a perspective correct crop of this:
Metabunk 2018-09-17 21-15-13.jpg

Some of the distortion there is due to the camera warping, but you can see the corner gouge goes three windows deep.

Mick West

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The cameraman zoomed out at the bottom of the pan, however it continues down to street level where you can get a sense of how much of the debris from WTC1 (The North Tower) ended up hitting WTC7. This is the street on the east edge. The white wall on the left is WTC7.
Cameraman caught in aftermath of Twin Towers collapse on 9-11 178.png

Mick West

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At 8:00 there's footage of smoke pouring out of the south face of WTC7 which I was also able to get into a vertical panorama
WTC7 South Side Smoke.png
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Nada Truther

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At 8:00 there's footage of smoke pouring out of the south face of WTC7 which I was also able to get into a vertical panorama
WTC7 South Side Smoke.png

Can anyone figure out what time of day this is? Is it close to the collapse of wtc7? He started and stopped the video several times and I am not as good with others on looking at shadow casts and direction to judge time of day. The sky looks a lot clearer, so it must be a bit after the initial collapse of WTC 1. The reason is that the building looks pretty fully engulfed in smoke (ie. flames) which really contradicts the popular truther narrative of a few isolated small fires.


In the last moments of the video there is a picture of some debris sticking out of the Amex building with a clear shadow. So you could use that like a sun dial to estimate the time.. I think .. but I can’t do it !

Mick West

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You can see the West side of the closer building (Verizon?) is in shadow, and the south side is sunlit
Metabunk 2018-09-19 10-02-09.jpg
So that means it's before 1PM (10AM Pacific in my Suncalc display, which uses computer local time), probably not much before.
Metabunk 2018-09-19 10-02-50.jpg

WTC1 collapsed and started the WTC7 fires at 10:28AM, and WTC7 collapsed at 5:20PM

Nada Truther

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So that means it's before 1PM (10AM Pacific in my Suncalc display, which uses computer local time), probably not much before.

So, if that is correct, that it is before 1... Let's say 1:00 on the dot. Then it still had 4 hours and 20 minutes to burn. Seems like a good amount of time to do some internal heat damage and heat up/weaken some key beams.
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